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  1. J. Dorner

    Asking for free Reiki for my mentally ill K Weams and and myself we also have autoimmune disorder

  2. Laurelle

    Hi Maria – OH MY … we did reply, maybe the response went in your spam file. Anyway, the answer is YES and here is a link to the information If you have other questions, the fastest way to reach us is by phone at 928-204-1216 9-6 7 days a week. If we are with a client, or on the phone, you will get voicemail, please leave a message so we can call you back. You can also email us directly from the contact link on our site; here it is Peace and blessings, Laurelle

  3. Maria

    I sent a message days ago and not have heard back. I am wondering if your workshop provides CEU’s for massage therapists?
    Thank you.

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