Peace Place


is the home of
Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc.

355 Jordan Road, Sedona, AZ 86336
928-204-1216 or 928-203-7755
Current store business hours:
10 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day
Experienced, professional healers offer private sessions by appointment.
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Peace Place is the home of the Reiki Center of Sedona operated by Infinite Light Healing Studies Center. Peace Place is the perfect place to relax, relieve stress and activate your inner healing power.

Stop by and see why people say a visit to Peace Place is a “True Sedona spiritual experience.”

Photographic murals adorn the walls of our Kurama Room at Peace Place and the murals are nearly life size images of sacred sites on Mount Kurama, Japan. Kurama is the holy mountain where Reiki was first encountered.

kurama room 4

Visit us for energy healing sessions, massage, shamanic journeys, crystal healing and professional quality spiritual healing classes.

Healers and energy sensitives are astounded at the magnificent energy emanating from Peace Place. “Stepping into this sacred space feels like walking on a cloud of light “.

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Peace Place Gifts is home to the largest selection of Magnificent Crystals in Sedona, and the largest selection of quality pendulums in the world!

We also host Peace Place Gifts where you will find Sedona's largest selection of quartz crystal, Vogel healing wands and quality pendulums.

We also host Peace Place Gifts where you will find Sedona's largest selection of quartz crystal, Vogel healing wands and quality pendulums.

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  1. Hi Terry. We will be happy to help you. Please give us at call at the crystal shop, 928-203-7755 and we can help you choose the perfect gift <3

  2. Terry Wyatt

    I visited Sedona years ago and saw the crystals and learned of their various powers. I’ve met a lady I went to highschool 50 years ago and would like to get her a crystal pendant that she might wear around her neck. I seem to remember that one provided safety and security and another maybe good health and happiness. Can you help me find something appropriate?

    Thank You

  3. I was introduced to Reiki a few years ago and attended a Reiki meeting in New York. I abosolutely love it and would like to devote more time to it and other spritual areas. I received my 1st attunement close to home from a wonderful teacher and friend. However, she has since moved out of state and I have been unable to find a new teacher. I would love to come to Sedona but due to my work schedule and financial concerns I just have not been able to make it happen yet. I am beginning to wonder if this is sign that Reiki Healing is not for me? I guess what I am trying to say is that I am going thru a period of discernment and am seeking clarity. Would you please send Reiki to help guide me to the solution that is best for me and for the greater good of all?

  4. Please help Reiki, bring healing into my family and my life. For so many years there has been such darkness surrounding, that it seems to be hard to try and get people to change their ways. It causes such unhappiness, w where I can see the light!

  5. Laurelle

    We will most certainly send you Reiki. I also suggest you look into John Livingston’s work for help with this. He works with Archangel Michael and powerful prayer to clear issues like this. You can learn to do this work yourself. He gives basic instructions in his book, and he also teaches about more in depth in his classes. You can find details about both from this link His work teaches you how to avoid allowing things like this to happen to you and to claim your own Divine power. <3

  6. Hello,
    I am going through a very tough time right now and I need help. Someone very close to me is wishing me ill & that I fail in my relationship & all other aspects of my life. This person has put negative thoughts and is sending me the evil eye and has been plottng against me. This person hated me all my life. I humbly ask the you send me love and light to overcome the hurdles as well as to her so she can find peace in her heart. Please help me to be a better person and not have anger and hatred in my heart that she hs put there. I pray that whatever evil demon she has set forth on me has a new course to persuit. I ask God, angels above, higher good, Dr Usai, Madam Takara and all the reiki masters before please assist me with this healing..

  7. Hi. Could i please get Reiki for a work relationship. I feel i could use extra Reiki for the Reiki ideal concerning work. May this be for the highest good. May this be a part of the prayer: Reiki heal me guide me so i may be of greater service to others, i pray that the greatest plan the creator has for my life be fully manifest now, i surrender every part of my being to the creator now.

  8. Hi Candice…

  9. Who makes your chairs in the classroom? I remember them from my class with you in 2005, but the name escapes me.

  10. Laurelle

    Hi Tara, yes I do sessions. You can call our office at 982-204-1216 to schedule an appointment. I usually do my sessions late in the afternoon. Blessings, Laurelle

  11. Tara J

    Laurelle do you do sessions? I did not see you on the schedule to reserve with. Thank You

  12. You know what they say, once you go Reiki, you never go back:)

    Kristofer Marjanovic

  13. Laurelle

    Absolutely…we are still around…we are in our third year in the same spot. 355 Jordan Road in Uptown. On the corner of Jordan and Apple.

  14. sedona healing center…is it still around?

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