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Reiki Outside the classroom?

Are you a student of Laurelle and Michael’s?  We are offering FREE Group Reiki Mentoring for 6 months!  This offer is extended to ALL past and current Holy Fire® Students.

“With the rapid acceptance of Reiki energy by healers around the world, we find that the strength of the energy is increasing exponentially as more people are attuned, or receiving Reiki treatments and Reiki training.” ~Laurelle Gaia

Expierenced Mentors

Continue your Reiki Journey with experienced teachers that have over a combined 90 years of Reiki experience.

Expand Your Reiki Practice

Learn how to respond to all circumstances in your life by becoming your higherself in human form.

Dedicated Support

We have a Reiki Support Staff celebrating 12 years at our Reiki Center in Sacred Sedona, AZ.

Honor the Spiritual nature of Reiki 

Continue your harmonious relationship with the Reiki energy, and to help lift the veils and filters we may be holding between our personality/ego and our God self.

Stay Connected

Mentoring offers the opportunity to experience peace, tranquility and the time to listen to our soul’s song.

Enhance your Quality of Life

Reiki mentoring is a tool for spiritual growth, and enhancing quality of life.

All of our classes & MEntoring Sessions

are designed so that anyone can benefit from the material presented.


Reiki Mentor 

Your personal Advocate

Your Reiki Mentor will take a long range view of your growth and development.


A Mentor will help you see your destination but doesn’t give you the roadmap to get there.


A Mentor offers encouragement and cheerleading, but not “how to” advice. 


A Reiki Mentor will offer patient guidence while challenging you to think differently and be open to new perspectives.


A Mentor will challenge and encourage you to think through issues by asking questions and serving as a source of wisdom when needed.


The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide.”

Long Term

Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on your growth and development. Your Reiki Mentor is a source of wisdom, teaching and support.


As in any line of work, the more one follows their passion, the more they do their work honestly and with an intention to be of service, the more successful they are. 

Ideas to Help you

Succeed with Your Mentor

Finding the Right Mentor

Find a Mentor that you feel a natural fit with, and make it a point to keep your scheduled conversations faithfully. 


Openly share your goals and fears.  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and critiques. Practice your listening skills.


Don’t expect your Mentor to solve your problems, do the work for you or give you specific advice. While your Mentor invests time to help you, you must also participate and actively pursue learning.


Be upfront and share where you are struggling. Discuss taking educatated risks to support your development and movement toward your goals. Keep track of your discussions and follow up specifically with those steps.

Accepting Guidance

Focus on being coachable and open to hearing feedback. Listen carefully and then research and apply your Mentors guidance.


Show that you value your Mentors support by discussing how you can best measure the success and effectiveness of working together.


Continue your Reiki Journey


Michael Baird and Arthur Baid


Holy Fire® Reiki I & II

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We are offering FREE Group Reiki Mentoring for 6 months!  This offer is extended to ALL past and current Holy Fire® Students of Laurelle, Michael & Arthur.

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