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Wooden Cambodian Worshiper Kneeling Statue


Wooden Cambodian Worshiper Kneeling Statue. this piece depicts a traditional representation that can be seen in Angkor temples; a worshiper joining his hands in a greeting gesture kneeling expressing humility. This statue was totally handmade; it was first carved in wood, and then covered with multiple layers of sizing before being painted and gilded. This time consuming process gives a smooth antique look.

Wood carvings are the skills which are mostly renowned in the Siem Reap region as they recall the nearby pagodas and Angkor temples with their famous bas-relief carvings. Most temples in the region of Angkor that were built in the 11th-12th centuries have such carvings. Statues often represent famous characters of the Buddhism or Hinduism mythologies such as Buddha, Shiva and Vishnu, etc. For every craft, each artisan has its own way of working. If his/her movement is gentle rather than firm, the final piece will turn out to be slightly different from the other ones, which makes of each craft work a unique piece. Masters in the arts of polychrome and lacquering.

Handmade and painted in  Siem Reap, Cambodia
Part of the Prestige Collection

H 16” – W-7” – D-9”

In stock