Smoky Citrine Flame sculpture


Smoky Citrine Flame sculpture

Smoky Citrine is a mixture of gold/yellow Citrine and Golden Smoky Quartz. This complimentary combination is very powerful, particularly in terms of grounding the high vibration of the gold ray into the body physical, or grounding manifestation programs.

15.5 inches tall. 7.5 inches wide. 7 inches deep.

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Metaphysical Healing Properties

Abundance, Cleanser, Protection

  • Protector of the aura and warns you to protect yourself.
  • Powerful cleanser and re-generator – warming and energizing.
  • Releases deep level thoughts, anxiety, emotions and fears
  • to bring joy, happiness and to feel ability to go forth with greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Enables creativity to manifest assisting with self empowerment and assertiveness.
  • Relieves tiredness and negativity, energizing every level of life – physical, mental, etc.
  • Good chakra cleanser as well as balancing the subtle bodies, aligning them with the physical.
  • Teaches you how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success and all good things.
  • Helps you to share what you have but also to hold onto your wealth.
  • Enhances concentration and helps digest information, analyse situations and steer them in a positive direction.
  • Makes you less sensitive, especially to criticism, and encourages action on constructive criticism.
  • Useful to sooth a group or family discord