Sacred Circles & Ascension Ring Meditation by Laurelle Gaia


Sacred Circles & Ascension Ring Meditation by Laurelle Gaia

The Sacred Circles Journey assists the listener in soul linking with other lightworkers, peaceweavers, Reiki practitioners, Reiki guides, and angelic beings. It is not necessary to be familiar with Reiki to participate. When our souls link through the use of the sacred circle and the ascension ring, we set a foundation which assists in anchoring a very high vibrational frequency into our physical beings and onto the Earth for the purpose of empowering personal goals, and creating peace. In this process you will learn how to soul link, set the sacred circles, and journey into the angelic realms and inner planes where the guides, angels and masters offer you assistance in connecting with the Collective Creative God Consciousness.

After the live presentation at the Retreat . . . here is what one participant had to say : “This was so powerful and helpful to me. I have been concerned about what we are doing to harm the Earth, or what is wrong in my life. But, I found myself focusing on the harm, or on what I do not want to happen in my life. This journey helped me experience a technique to focus on creating what I do want instead of what I fear. I now know how to create with light and how to anchor it. I experienced the power of group vision, and actually felt what living on a peaceful planet is like. I saw my personal goal become reality. This really shifted my awareness. Thank you!”

By:  Laurelle Gaia
Length: 29 minutes.
Recorded LIVE at the Annual International Reiki Retreat

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