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Crystals for the ICRT Reiki World Peace Crystal Grid


The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) Reiki World Peace Healing Crystal Grid CRYSTALS ONLY

A Crystal Grid formation based on the use of the energies of the World Peace Crystal Grid network that is in place at the North and South Poles and in Jerusalem and other locations around the world.

It is possible to create a Reiki Crystal Peace Grid or pattern using fourteen crystals and charge them with Reiki energy so they will continuously send Reiki to yourself or anyone whose picture or name you place in the grid. This advanced technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be used to send Reiki to many people and situations at the same time.

Crystal Sizes will vary.
Please call us if you would like to specialize your crystals. 928-274-6889.
*Peace Grid NOT included, this order is for the crystals only.

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Quick Guide

  1. Choose 14 crystals: 12 for the outer section, one central and one master. Use intuition, pendulum, muscle testing, scanning or simply choose those you like.
  2. Purify them if needed. Then charge them with Reiki using all your symbols and especially HSZSN.
  3. Glue or staple the photo of the World Peace Crystal Grid to a stiff piece of cardboard. Then place the 12 outer crystals on the photo placing one over each of the outer crystals. Fix them in place using clear double backed tape.
  4. Place a picture of yourself in the middle with a positive affirmation on the back. Place the central crystal on top of the picture gluing both the photo and the crystal in place with double backed tape.
  5. Charge your grid daily by first charging the master crystal with Reiki, then using it to charge the grid.
  6. Place pictures or names of those needing healing or a written goal inside the grid, and they will receive continuous Reiki. You can also place your healing requests outside the grid or under it.

The Reiki Grid

The mass awakening toward higher consciousness and personal growth, which started in the 60s, has continually gained momentum. As each of us continues to work on personal healing, not only do we contribute to our own well-being, but the influence that we have on those around us helps them to grow as well. This synergistic effect allows the pace of our development to quicken even more. As healers work on each other and share their skills, a higher level of possibility for all of us is created. It must be remembered that the Creator of the Universe possesses an unlimited reservoir of blessings and benefits for us that are exactly what we need to heal and grow and lead happier, healthier more abundant lives. To gain access to these gifts including the development of new healing skills and more evolved healing energies we must be willing to let go of personal methods that have ego attachments and allow ourselves to be guided directly by the Creator. This technique uses crystals in a grid formation to assist in our distant healing work. It is based on the use of the energies of the World Peace Crystal Grid network that is in place at the North and South Poles and in Jerusalem and other locations around the world. Crystals and Continuous Healing One thing necessary for Reiki to work is your intention. You must intend for Reiki to flow in order to start it flowing. This can be a conscious or an unconscious intention and is often accompanied by placing your hands on someone. Quartz crystal has the unique property of being able to absorb and hold consciousness and intentions. Because of this, it is possible to place your intention as well as your ability to transmit Reiki into a crystal so that the crystal will continue to send Reiki while you are doing other things. This is valuable if you have someone you are working on who is really in need of healing.

Creating a Crystal Grid

It is possible to create a grid or pattern using fourteen crystals and charge them with Reiki energy so they will continuously send Reiki to yourself or anyone whose picture or name you place in the grid. This advanced technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be used to send Reiki to many people and situations at the same time. The beginning steps are similar to those necessary for using a single crystal. First, choose your fourteen crystals by asking for guidance in finding those that would work best in your Reiki grid. You will need twelve crystals for the outside part of the grid, one for the center and one to use as a master crystal. The center crystal can be a single or double terminated crystal, a crystal pyramid, a crystal ball or a crystal cluster. The master crystal needs to be a longer crystal like a laser that has more of a yang type energy that can be used to direct Reiki into your Reiki grid. It is also possible to use other kinds of crystals for your Reiki grid besides quartz. Always check with your pendulum or other similar method to be sure that any crystals or stones you choose will work and that they are willing to be used in the Reiki grid. Then cleanse them if they need it and charge them in the same manner as above.

Once they are charged, you can use them along with the picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid (WPCG) to set up your Reiki grid. By using this picture, your Reiki grid will be connected to the amazing  energies of the World Peace Crystal Grid network that is charged once a month by people all over the world. These energies will add to the strength and effectiveness to the healing process and provide a higher level of consciousness. You will also be sending healing energy to the whole planet every time you charge your grid!

It’s a good idea to glue the picture of the WPCG to a stiff piece of cardboard so you can easily move your grid to other locations once it is set up. Then arrange the twelve outer crystals in a pattern by placing them over the twelve outer crystals in the picture. Use one crystal for the center placing it so it points to 2 of the crystals in the outer ring or you may choose to use a pyramid, ball or cluster in the center. The master crystal is placed outside the grid, off to the side.

I suggest using a small piece of clear double back tape to glue each crystal in place. Clear double back tape can be found at your office supply store, often in the form of small round circles that make it easy to stick your crystals in place. This is best done with World Peace Crystal Grid prints that have been laminated as it will make it much easier to remove the crystals if you need to do so. I also suggest placing a small photo of yourself in the center of your grid under the central crystal and taping it in place using a piece of double backed clear tape. Before taping it in place create a positive affirmation about your own healing such as “I accept the gift of healing that comes directly from God” or “All the positive healing energies of the Universe deeply heal me now” or something similar to this and write it on the back of your photo. By doing this your Reiki grid will always be attuned to you and you will receive healing and benefit also.

As you charge your Reiki grid with your master crystal, say a continuous series of affirmations or prayers such as: ‘I charge this grid with light, with light, with light, to heal, to heal, to heal. I charge this grid with Reiki, with Reiki, with Reiki, to heal, to heal, to heal.” You can also add: “I connect this Reiki grid to the Creator of the Universe to heal, to heal, to heal; I connect this grid to the Holy Spirit, to heal, to heal, to heal.” Say this over and over also.

Then, once it is charged, anyone whose name or picture you place in the grid, will continuously receive distant Reiki. You can also place your goals on a piece of paper in your Reiki grid, and they will be blessed with Reiki also making it easier to achieve them. If you have many names or goals you can place them near the grid or place the grid on a table and your names or goals underneath. It will be necessary for you to charge your Reiki grid each day to keep it working. Doing this is like a meditation, as each time you charge it, you will feel like you are being charged with energy and
becoming more focused as well. Because your picture is in the middle, you will also be receiving a continuous blessing of Reiki all day long.

If you go away and still want to keep your grid charged, take a photograph of your grid using your smartphone. Take your smartphone with you along with the master crystal. Then using HSZSN, connect with your grid through the picture of your grid in your smartphone and charge it using your master crystal. This will keep your grid charged and the picture in your smartphone will have energy around it and be very healing and protective for you to carry during your travels. Another interesting process is to  charge the photo of your grid in the smartphone and send it to people who need healing as an attachment to a text. In the text include a prayer for the person to be healed and ask them to meditate on the photo of the Reiki grid or to place the image on their smartphone over the area of the body in need of healing or over their solar plexus or heart chakra.

As we continue to receive additional training and to follow our inner guidance, not just for healing individual issues but also for the healing and guidance for our lives, we become more a part of the great transformation that is taking place on the planet. The flow of Reiki is growing continually stronger as more people on the planet are being attuned to this compassionate healing power. Do not hold back, but allow yourself to surrender completely to this wonderful flow of healing love. Then you will know what it means to truly be alive and to be free.

This is a Reiki Grid arranged on a photo of the World Peace Crystal grid that has been placed at the magnetic North Pole. Note that the twelve crystals are pointing toward the center. The master crystal is off to the side. A double terminated crystal is at the center; however, you could use a single pointed crystal, a double terminated crystal, a cluster, a crystal ball or a pyramid in the center. The arrows indicate the direction to point/move the master crystal when charging the grid. Move it from an outer crystal to the center, then back to the same outer crystal, then counterclockwise to the next crystal repeating the in and out motion and continuing around the circle. You may also be guided to move clockwise around the circle.

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