Full 7 Chakra 10″ Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set


Full 7 Chakra 10″ Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Crystalline sound not only carries Reiki energy deep into our physical body, but it also permeates the mental and emotional bodies. As our bodies are cleared and balanced, Reiki assists in connecting with our spiritual body creating an energetic pathway for our personal essence of perfection to flow into all levels of our being. This helps us to align with the blueprint of our soul purpose.

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Experience the healing power of crystalline sound!

  • Balance your body, mind and spirit
  • Open and clear your energy centers
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Align with your soul purpose

Combining Reiki energy with the crystalline sound emanating from crystal bowls is a specialized method of introducing Reiki energy into a client’s energy field.
Blending the unique vibrational frequencies of Reiki, crystalline energy and sound can greatly enhance the relaxation response. As stress is relieved in this manner, tensions in the physical body can be released on a very deep, cellular level.
The addition of crystal singing bowls to your Reiki practice and meditations can help you or your clients journey through the chakras deep into the very atoms and cells of the body. Please call store for additional options.