Divine Healing Temple


Divine Healing Temple Ascension Journey with Archangel Raphael

Connect to Divine healing energy with over 225 spiritual healers, angels, masters and spiritual guides.
Laurelle’s soothing voice, gently guides you on a transformative journey. Feel the profound, energetic presence of Archangel Raphael. Experience the power of group healing energy through the sacred circle and ascension ring. Anchor healing light into your body, your environment and the world.

Journey with Archangel Raphael, Lord of the realm of Healing and Love, into the Divine Temple. In this sacred space you enter a world beyond form, where we merge with Divine healing rays. Access the blueprint of your soul, experience the ability to see and hear through the eyes and ears of the Divine.

The package contains a CD with a 26 minute ascension journey recorded live at the International Reiki Retreat.
Guided by Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Length: 26 minutes.

Great for personal meditation or for group facilitators.