Brazilianite has a happy, vibrant energy. It brings expansion and light into the upper body, and clears the Crown Chakra, allowing one to work spiritually with a light heart. It can be used to cleanse and balance, and supports the immune system. Brazilianite helps us to own our truth, and opens us to Universal love. It can also be helpful in attracting and communicating with Nature Spirits. Although a sodium crystal, Brazilianite is not water soluble, and can be used as a gem elixir, both internally and externally.

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Birthstone: Capricorn

Chakra Alignment: Heart and Upper Heart; Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

Origin of Name & Mythology: For Brazil, the country in which it was first found.

The meaning of this stones name relates to the country where it was originally discovered, in Brazil in South America. Since then they have also been found in New Hampshire in the USA.
Their color is often bright yellow but they may also be yellowish green, green or colorless. They form prismatic crystals and are quite beautiful, both to look at and in their energy.
Brazilianite embodies an interesting and potent energy that relates to ancient Atlantis.
This Atlantean vibration may have a profound effect on your creative abilities, especially if you have lived a past life in ancient Atlantis.