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Be Peace Now - Course & Journal by Laurelle Gaia


Are you the peace you want to see in the world?

Peace is not something we need to search for, it is not even something we need to “create”.
Peace IS something that we all ARE inside.
BEing peaceful is a choice that anyone can make.

The Course and Journal *an Infinite Light Transmission™ as transmitted to Laurelle Shanti Gaia
This course and journal contains: 60 pages of instruction and an 11 week journal

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Be Peace Now,  a Course for Peaceweavers

Awaken to the peace that you ARE.

We are what we think with our minds and what we know in our hearts.
We are the sum of all of our attitudes and our experiences.
There is tremendous creative power in every one of our thoughts, words and actions.
Thought, prayer, visualization and sound can be blended together into a peaceful heart, or to help manifest our goals.

In this course Laurelle Shanti Gaia explains the 8 concepts of peaceweaving, and manifestation.

A note from Laurelle

“Thank you for your interest in Being Peace NOW!

Over the years I have come to know that peace isn’t something that we need to search for, it isn’t even something we need to “create” it is something that we all are inside. Being peaceful is a choice that we can make. I find that it is easiest for me to be peaceful when I am living my life in a way that my needs are met, and when I am making a positive contribution to others. There was a time that I thought I needed to “take care of” other’s needs before I could consider myself. I now understand that way of thinking contributes to the illusion of separation, which stands in the way of peace. “Be Peace Now” has helped me embrace my own Divine essence. The more we learn to embrace our personal Divinity, the more natural being peaceful becomes. Healing is the result of opening to our innate ability to be peaceful. “Be Peace Now” is a tool that can help us find that place of peace inside. We are here on this planet to learn that it is actually very simple to Be Love and to Be Peace.

We are here to awaken to the knowing that humanity has the power to live in peace, this very moment. Join me on a journey into the peace that you are.” Be Peace Now a course for peaceweavers is a self study program which includes, meditations, symbols, affirmations, chants and mudras to help the participant anchor, ever-increasing frequencies of the peace vibration, into the physical. Learn to harmonize your consciousness with Gaia, our Mother Earth.”  ~ Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Be Peace Now is one of the *Infinite Light Transmissions™.
This course and journal contains: 60 pages of instruction and an 11 week journal.

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