22" Single Head Shaman's Drum


This is a wonderful drum for healing work such as Reiki Drumming -TM, or any other type of energy work. This Remo Drum is a good first drum and excellent for advanced drummers. It is a 22 inches in diameter, 3.5 inches deep, single sided frame drum. It has a rope hand hold in the back.
This drum has an overall great sound with a deep bass tone.
It’s synthetic head looks like raw hide, yet it does not absorb moisture. So, even on misty full moon nights, or rainy days it maintains a beautiful tone.
Includes a padded mallet.

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  1. admin

    My Reiki Drum made it safely home in my suitcase – thanks for telling us how to do that. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the class, it was just what I needed, personally, at this point in my life & career – I was feeling emotionally drained when I headed to Sedona and I came away refreshed, calmed and re-energized! Plus I am very excited about being able to share the Reiki drumming experience with my clients, parishioners and friends.

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