16" Single Head Shaman's Drum


This is a wonderful drum for healing work such as Reiki Drumming -TM, or any other type energy work. This Remo Drum is a good first drum and excellent for advanced drummers.
We have used these drums in workshops with small children and workshops with adults, and they survived both in perfect condition. It is a 16 inches in diameter, 3.5 inches deep, single sided frame drum. There is a rope hand hold in the back, and this drum has a overall great sound. It's synthetic head looks like raw hide, yet it does not absorb moisture.So, even on misty nights, or rainy days it maintains a beautiful tone.
A drum mallet is included.
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  1. admin

    My Reiki Drum made it safely home in my suitcase – thanks for telling us how to do that. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the class, it was just what I needed, personally, at this point in my life & career – I was feeling emotionally drained when I headed to Sedona and I came away refreshed, calmed and re-energized! Plus I am very excited about being able to share the Reiki drumming experience with my clients, parishioners and friends.

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