Isness – Infinite Light Thin Leggings

Isness holistic graphic print thin leggings.

Isness is a consciousness of creation.
Isness holds no judgement.
Isness is responsive, rather than reactive.
Isness is a perpetual inner peace, the calm during our challenges.
Isness is acting from spirit without unhealthy bonds of ego.
Isness , a state of being that some may call being “centered”.
Isness is the state of being true to one’s soul.
Isness attracts Isness consciousness from others.
Isness is allowing the highest good without attachment to the outcome, where personal desires do not exist, knowing the highest good just is.
Isness is always serving the highest good of all concerned.

Width at waist, in 13.51 14.53 15.52 16.78 18.27 19.77
Outseam length, in 38.27 38.63 39.02 39.38 39.77 40.16
Inseam length, in 30 30 30 30.04 30 30
Artwork by Karla Fouts
Copyright © 2020 Karla Fouts Designs All rights reserved.



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