The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta

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The Prophecy of Arnaka by Lucia Ashta, A book unlike any other!
The Prophecy of Arnaka follows a woman as her life is turned upside down. Sudden events and visions confuse her, beckoning her to another world shrouded in mystery and timelessness, until she has no choice but to follow the path laid out for her.

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Elena abandons her home of years to start over and leave painful memories behind when she encounters an extraordinary man. There is something distinctly different about him, though Elena doesn’t know what it is. Soon, Elena discovers that she was destined to meet this man and that this shared destiny is one of unimaginable depth; in its balance hangs a fate too immense for Elena to fathom.
As Elena confronts the shocking new turns of her life, she begins to learn the knowledge that will allow her to step into her destiny from an unlikely source. Through the veils of time and space, Elena is taught an eternal wisdom that changes her forever. Does this shimmer of eternal wisdom also beckon you?
The Prophecy of Arnaka is one of those unique books that enchants and captures the imagination, while showing its readers the beauty and power within their own lives. It exposes the intentional and infinite intelligence that holds the world in the delicate grip of perfect imperfection. Begin the journey to discovering that the strength and wisdom to make the impossible possible are already within you with this thrilling adventure.
Lucia Ashta, Author
Lucia Ashta, resides in Sedona, AZ with her spiritual partner and her three daughters.
Lucia has an architectural degree as well as a law degree. Both of which she obtained because she felt she was “supposed” to conform.
Lucia’s desire to model, to her three daughters, a life of purpose through following one’s heart has inspired her to step away from society’s supposed rules and restrictions to follow her true path.