Isness, a Practice of Peace by Laurelle Gaia


I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share Isness, a Practice of Peace with you. We have it available in several different formats to select from.
Infinite Reiki Blessings,
Laurelle Gaia

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About the Author

I am Laurelle Gaia since 1989 I have been a student, teacher, practitioner and facilitator of the healing arts.
This is the first time during nearly 35 years working with and writing about energy, that I have written of messages I receive in a dream state and later transcribe, so this is actually writing itself.

I intend that this writing is merely coming from my personal truth and spiritual guidance received through dreams. It is only meant to encourage you, the reader, to discover your own personal truths, and to listen to your own messages. This isn’t an attempt to change your viewpoint but intended to suggest possibilities from a different perspective.