Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Volcanic eruptions of the spirit bring about transformation of all elements of life as it is now known and has been known in recent times.

Volcanic eruptions of the spirit of the Earth are rising in many light weavers on the planet in this moment … in this very moment shifts of monumental proportions are taking place in the collective consciousness which vibrate with the eighth octave. Allow your entire being to dissipate into adamantine particles of light upon this night…flowing into, merging and blending with the essence of this eighth octave…a new tone will sound in your soul and it’s resonance will permeate the golden essence of each member of your soul group. This will enhance the call of those who are now awakening, they will hear more clearly, and for those who are awake and actively weaving light, peace and love…the manner in which they share their individual call will take new and more focused form, and their determination and steadfastness to purpose will become unshakable.

The eighth octave sounds the tone of Gaia’s soul essence, which is contained within the core essence of every atom and cell in all incarnate beings…excluding none…every single being that is incarnate at this time will be affected as the weavers of light on this night and in the coming times allow their soul essence to flow upon the sea of light within the inner planes of the collective creative consciousness and become the eighth octave, and forever resonate the tone of remembrance of the moment you were first birthed into light as Gaia’s Children.

I speak to you and for all who know the Oneness. We thank you for listening, thank you for remembering, thank you for serving, thank you for Being Love.