transmitted through:  Laurelle Shanti Gaia

This is where the day contains the darkest of the light. Where as the chamber is approached, it appears to be yet another mountainous drift of snow.  It is visible to no man’s eyes, yet they are drawn to it and they gather together sheltered and protected in the ice chamber.  The guards, numbered at eleven, build a protective energy shield around the perimeter of the ice chamber so only those of pure intent will know to enter.

As they gather, and number 21, they begin to pray, and invoke the presence of the One Creator.  Each begins their task.  Some are channels for tone, some for energy, some for transmutation, some for recording and transcribing. The only light inside the chamber is a gentle glow radiating from their hearts.  Then the chants begin. The energy channels raise their arms above their heads to draw the energy in and through their beings, and all others pray.

At the moment they are all completely attuned to the One Creator, an angelic chorus joins in with a glorious sound, and the ice chamber begins to hum and vibrate with much intensity.  Then through the top of the ice chamber appears a column, a funnel of glorious white Light, in its purest energy form, and it is known, this is the Word of God, this is the energy of Truth. As it flows into the ice chamber it brings much power, much intensity which has much focus, yet it is gentle and peaceful.  This Light from the Creator bores a hole into the layers of hardened snow which is the floor of the ice chamber, and it becomes a straight tunnel boring through all layers of the Earth and down into the heart of the crystalline core and now they are 22.

The chants continue and the energy channels continue, and then the transmutation begins.  The alchemists begin to project a beam of glowing blue toward the column of Light and some of the Light becomes snow, which blankets the Earth with wisdom of the Word of God frozen for use in another time space.  Some of the Light is heard in the hearts of the transcribers, and they write in golden light on the scrolls before them and record the wisdom of Truth to share among themselves as they set the energy of creation in motion.  As the alchemists continue, particles of the Light are transmuted into crystalline form which settle in the various levels of the Earth with the Plan of God recorded inside.  And with much force, the glorious white Light continues to the crystalline core of the Earth where the Truth from the heart of God is stored for the Earth to know its mission.

And as we close this part of the remembrance in this time space, they are gathered as The Keepers of the Snow.

This transmission was received during an intense visual, inter-dimensional experience November 19, 1994.