We are speaking to you this morning on the topic of “health of the healers”.  We remind you that those of you who are incarnate at this time and are sensitive to the finer ethereal vibrations of creation, you the Earth’s sentient ones, are more aware than those who have not yet embraced the vastness of their beings.  Therefore you FEEL from your very center when anything in your Universe changes. We remind you that you are reflections of the shifts happening within and from the Earth mother.

We speak to you of the changes healers are feeling. We speak to all of Earth’s sentient ones, including those who are questioning if they are welcoming other souls to “walk-in” to their physical being and express through their bodies, minds and spirits.  We say that this is the case for a very few.

We remind you of the “work” you are doing on yourselves, for each other, the healings that you are personally seeking and receiving and the healing energy you are sharing with the Earth.  You, “the healers, the light workers, the peace weavers” are finally learning the importance of healing yourselves.  So we again remind you . . .  you ask God to heal you, you ask channels of soul clearing energy to assist you, and you ask energy and prayer workers to help raise your vibrational frequencies to heal your dis-eases.  The veils ARE  lifting within each of you. You are becoming more clearly aligned with your soul just as you have asked … and you wonder “Why do I feel different?”

Do you understand now that you are experiencing what you have asked to experience?  Do you understand that as you grow through your healing work, you become more aware of the toxicity of your planet?  As you become more aware of the toxicity of your planet, you also are offered the opportunity to take responsibility for the same and to take action in anyway you can. Begin at home and help one another. When the healers, light workers, and peace weavers have cleared their home environments, then you can help to inspire and guide others.  Clear your homes of chemical and energetic toxins and imbalances.

We ask you to hear the importance of what we are saying, the urgency … and take action now!

At this point in your time, Mother Earth, Gaia, is purging toxins from within every atom of her being. In so doing she is strengthening her physicality, as well as raising the vibration of your planet.  Remember, she is your mother, it is from her that humanity was born as a single celled organism and it is by aligning with her frequency for all earth time that the physical human has come to be what you each are on this day.  You are beginning to FEEL the effects of your choices and a group consciousness. You are beginning to FEEL  the effects the airborne trails of chemicals from your wars, the destructive burning of fuel, and toxic choices you have made within your own homes.

It is imperative that all “free will” beings look around within your immediate sphere of existence, and determine “What is it that I am creating that contributes to the toxicity in my life and for the Earth”.  Determine what you are creating, what chemically toxic materials you allow to co-exist with you and take action immediately.  Are you creating pollution by moving your vehicles more than necessary?  Are you consuming more than you need?  Are you creating more toxicity when you “clean” your homes?

The time is now for all humans to take conscious action to cease their personal contribution to the airborne trails of chemicals.

We also remind you that there is vast assistance available to you from the ascended beings who are now guiding the process of the healing of your Universe.  We must be invited, call on us, ask us to help you just as you have done on this day.  We are here and we will help awaken the wisdom within you. We will help you harmonize with the devic kingdom to access the knowledge they have to share. The wisdom required to purify the air, the soil, the earth fires, the waters and the thoughts of humanity.

Again, we remind you of the power of group consciousness, visualization and prayer. Give thanks that your hearts are healed, your bodies are healed, your minds are healed, your homes are healed, your cities are healed, your countries are healed, your air and water is purified, your Earth Mother is in perfect balance and that all of humanity is awakened to their Divinity. Give thanks for these things as though they exist NOW! They DO exist … allow yourself to SEE!

Give thanks for the changes in your physical beings, for you have requested them. Perhaps you didn’t fully understand the implications of what you were asking?  You are powerful sentient beings … be love, be light, be peace, be truth, and claim your Divinity NOW!

Assistance from the ascension realms and the inner planes is here for you … in a magnitude not yet experienced on the Earth, invoke us now …unite all sentient beings on your planet; the healers, the light workers, the peace weavers and  allow us to bring the awareness of the wisdom, and the knowledge forth through each of you … allow that wisdom, knowledge and our love to motivate you to take action.

Thank you for welcoming us into your hearts and minds on this day. Thank you for the love that you are and thank you for continuing to listen and follow your hearts. You are blessed by the light of God which you EACH are. You are blessed by the full power of Divinity that you ALL are when you unite and remember your oneness.

YOU are the answer

May all who read this accept their Divinity … in love, light, peace and truth …