In this moment, we are here to share Divine light with you…this is the light from the Infinite Heart and the Infinite Mind of the Creator of all there is. And we speak to you of dimensional shifts, we speak to you of this work, we speak to you each into your hearts.

It is the understanding and the knowing of the power of the frequency of light that flows through you and the discernment of the vibration that you each bring here that will set the foundation for the creation that is growing within and without each of you. And as you join together each of you as individuals your coming together creates powerful pillars of light and we know that you were guided to the opalescent and the pearlescent rays. We say focus not only on the pearlescent ray, but focus on the opalescent vibration within the pearlescent ray.

This is a magnificent, a very special frequency that will be instrumental in weaving the tapestry between your worlds. There are interesting patterns of energy intricate patterns of energy that are being woven in this moment as you sit in this space. As each of you is channeling in this very moment time a portion of the peace ray. We ask that you allow these frequencies to flow through you and that you see them flowing through you and joining together in the center of the cosmos. Blending with the pearlescent and the opalescent rays. You are spinning and weaving the energetic tapestry of peace now.

Be aware of what flows through you each, be aware of what you feel, be aware of who you are. Be aware of your oneness with one another and with the Golden Ones and with the heart and the mind of God. Focus on the sensation that you feel in the area known as the left of the crown of your head…focus on this area now. Allow the opalescent to blend with the pearlescent ray that is becoming you. Receiving it now, absorbing it in every cell of your being.

Your vibration is being altered in a most loving way, to whatever level you are willing to accept it in this time. We say to you that this is good, we say to you that this is peace, and we say to that the only power is through peace. We say that we sense the smallest amount of fear within your beings of allowing this to flow through you in its fullest intensity and we say to you that this will not cause harm and we encourage you and we ask you to allow it to flow through more clearly and more strongly, but we honor you decision. So each of you take a moment now and speak within your heart asking what level of comfort you have to receive the full power of the opalescent ray into the pearlesence that you are.
To raise the peace vibration within your being. Take moment now to ask and allow yourself to open and to receive at whatever level you are comfortable…we will pause for you to do this.

And we are most pleased as we hear the fear fall away…melting …you are Blessed Ones and we love you and we thank you as you allow this energy now to become you. Allow yourself now to sense the perfect blending of the pearlescence and the opalescent energy that fills the altea space within which you sit. And they surround and they flow through you and they are you. As you are the essence of perfect peace.

We will guide you simply by your asking me to be with you as you begin to explore and understand the power of moving this peace vibration from this dimension that you know to be 3 throughout the higher dimensions, and inner planes and all levels of consciousness. Through all time and all space. You are weavers of peace…you are peaceweavers. Focusing your awareness now, simply intend to raise your consciousness to the highest dimension you are able to access in this moment, moving now, you are being activated to move to the dimension that is perfect for you, in this moment. United as peaceweavers, breathing deeply and as you exhale you move the pearlescent and opalescent rays into the dimension within which you exist in this moment. This is a very simple technique and you can do this at any time. Simply asking within your consciousness and calling upon Infinite Light, and the angelic beings that work with you each, we shall take you to the perfect place, at the perfect time, and you simply channel the opalescent and the pearlescent rays into that space. In so doing you being to enhance the raising of the peace vibration and the work that you do that which you know as the Infinite Light transmissions as you do those on the dimension that you know as 3.

We are so pleased, that you heard this call and we are so pleased that you are committed servants of the light. We are so pleased that you are the love that you are. We would like to ask your permission now, even though we know that these frequencies are intense within which you sit in this moment. We would like you to work from the dimension within which you are in this moment and receive.

Preparing to receive that which Gaia would share with you now. As Gaia speaks to you from her heart of her joy and her love for you, and as she welcomes you home. Allow yourself to receive into your being through the Gaia gateway beneath you. Drawing Gaia’s love through your being up into the dimension within which you reside now. You are blending Gaia’s love in thehigher dimensions now.

Feel Gaia’s love for you…recognize her as your mother. For she has birthed you, and you are one with Gaia.

Gaia wishes to share with you, on deeper levels, her dreams. Gaia wishes to share with you and teach you in prayers. And remind you of the tools that you have within your beings. Tools which you have brought with you into the lifetime that you know to be now.

For you are her children and she calls you to her.

For together you shall give her life as life she has given you. We are here to honor you each, for as you know within your heart, the work that you bring forth blends together to the foundation for the healing of Gaia and the creation of the peace ray. And you simply must know that the power is you…as you are peace…and the only true power comes from peace.

There is much sharing to be done as you are gathered together and your sharing will take many forms. As you may each be inspired to write or speak out the vibration of the energies that flow through you or share your clairvoyant visions or your inner knowing…but we say this is only the beginning and much will come to you…as you share space with one another and light with one another and love with one another as together you are peace. We offer these transmissions to you, and they will be aligned perfectly and attuned perfectly to your being. You may work with these energies by simply setting the altea space calling on Utumei and following the guidance of your heart.

We ask that 3 times within your gathering time here that create the sacred ring and the ascension ring and the soul link with Gaia and once again we channel through the mediation the essence of perfect peace and you will feel and you will know the vibrational alterations have taken place as the essence of perfect peace flows through you now, in a higher form of the energy than you have ever channeled before.

We just wish to share with you that we are honored to be one with you…we are honored to walk side by side, hand in hand and heart in heart with you.

We leave you in peace.

Om Shanti Gaia
Om Shanti Gaia
Om Shanti Gaia…Om

An Infinite Light Transmission