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Reiki is much more than simply a hands on healing technique. Reiki is a tool for spiritual growth, and enhancing quality of life. Reiki is a bridge between medicine, science & spirituality.


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Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

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Arthur Baird

Over 18 Years Experience


Reiki Requests

Stuart Noonan Shanahan

2020-03-21 22:13:08
Costa Mesa, California
Witchcraft and psychic attacks by entities and black magicians. Auric and chakras

Fatima H

2020-03-22 03:02:47
Atlanta, Georgia United States
Health: spiritual, and in general.

Dinesh Kumar bagwan

2020-03-24 02:19:33
Uttarpradesh vanarasi
I want to grow my finances to help people

Marisan V

2020-03-16 22:53:21
Toms River, NJ
Hello kind friends, I am writing specifically for work / child support issues I’m having. I escaped an abusive family situation. The emotional and financial effect was devastating to my family. I am a healer (formerly a wholistic chiropractor but now no longer want to practice). I discovered Reiki at the hospital when I had an emergency admission. I am requesting an opening of greater access to love, mercy, and divine intervention from God and Holy Angels. Thank you in advance and I am receptive to receiving the most benevolent care from you who is reading this. My gratitude abounds and I will for sure feel your light and kind thoughts and light energy🌟 🙏🏼🌟


2020-03-17 02:55:51
Draper Utah
Head neck trauma parasite recovery from army


2020-03-05 04:52:48
United States
To be more calm and focused

Sukomal Chandra Sarkar

2020-03-08 16:34:00
Benachity, Durgapur, West Bengal, India
Name: Sukomal Chandra Sarkar
Age: 75 Years, Male.
Address: A-5, B-Extn, Vidyasagar Pally, Benachity, Durgapur, West Bengal, India – 713213.

Illness: He is suffering from Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Sodium Deficiency, Blood Sugar, Hypertension and Anemia and slight heart issue.
He is taking medicine and under allopathic treatment. But due to low level of Haemoglobin and other defeciencies, ocassionally he is losing body-balance. Also he become very very weak these days, almost bed-ridden.

He is my father. I request a Reiki healing for him, so that he becomes normal again.

Thank you very much. I am grateful.
Warm Regards

Tonya C

2020-03-09 02:53:06
Phoenix, AZ
I need to clear my body of anxiousness so I can clearly see the decisions I need to make and to be open for all of the blessings coming my way.

Lynn Hereda

2020-03-09 15:49:50
Lancaster, PA, USA
severe colon inflammation, unknown reason, cannot control bowels, weak, cannot leave the house, traditional medicine not helping at all

April E, Ron E, Carolyn E

2020-03-10 17:56:21
Dayton, NV, USA
Ron and Carolyn need reiki to remain healthy and strong, mentally and physically and to heal any and all ailments laying dormant in their body. Also, for mental health. They need deep reiki for their brain and to ease any and all depression.

April to receive reiki to heal from a recent car accident. Right shoulder blade, right sciatic nerve and right knee all need deep healing. As well as entire body.

Thank you!! May Holy fire reiki guide our lives.

With love,
Ron E., Carolyn E. and April E.

Diego Castanon Seoane

2020-03-04 07:02:31
City of Chorrillos, Lima, Peru South America
depression, lack of energy, delays in business are creating great tension. Please send light


2020-02-20 18:41:41
Zürich Switzerland
Need to clear sexual energy.
And chakra healing.


2020-02-20 22:17:41
Manila, Roxas City Philippines
I am Requesting for my speedy recovery from viral infection. Increase my immunity system. Thank you 🙏

Ankurveer arora

2020-02-25 13:34:57
Bathinda , punjab india
I ankurveer Arora, age 29 belong to Amritsar, punjab , india. And working at BATHINDA location, punjab , india.
I was in a relationship with Ms. Neha Thakur/katal (aged 25-26 years) from Madhopur, Punjab ,India since 2015 and She is now working in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Marriage talks were there. But from 2019 March we are facing lot of differences and hardly talking with each other. She confessed love with me last time in December and I was so tensed for us I scolded her badly . Now I went to Dubai to meet her from India so that I can be with her. But she refused to meet. Please if some positive change in our relationship can come with reiki healing. Do the needful..

Tarun sharma

2020-02-18 03:56:54
West orange new jersey
My friend Tarun 45 is in vegetative coma
From last 40 days, after cardiac arrest and road accident.He is unconscious state and struggling a lot to come out of this state. Now he is in Kessler rehabilation New Jersey m. I can’t explain u how critical the situation is. Family having hard time. He has been a very good person and have helped everyone all the time. Why he is suffering this much.
Pls pls my humble request if anyone can send him some reiki healing for a week at least so that he overcomes this brain storming stage.
Family will be very thankful.
I hope you guys will send some healing to him.

C Allen

2020-02-16 13:29:54
McDonough GA
Release from negativity and a procrastination spirit. Blockage in my heart Chakra. I want to feel unconditional love. Release from fear and doubt of my gifts. Chronic lower back pain, request opening of my crown Chakra to receive from the universe.

Radhika Agnihotri

2020-02-13 18:53:04
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Love life

I intend to be in a deeply loving, romantic and meaningful relationship

Nicole Nolan

2020-02-11 22:13:26
I am taking a yoga teacher training course, I am interested in sound healing as well as crystal healing. I’m planing trip to arizona and came upon your business. I’d like to explore this and I’m sure it could be helpful to me as well . Thank you!

Carmen Maria Colon

2020-02-10 19:23:39
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Eye and Face Cancer

Teresa P.

2020-02-10 14:49:36
Valley Stream, NY, United States of America
Stress. In need of relaxation.

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