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Reiki is much more than simply a hands on healing technique. Reiki is a tool for spiritual growth, and enhancing quality of life. Reiki is a bridge between medicine, science & spirituality.


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Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Laurelle Gaia & Michael Baird

Over 30 Years Experience

Arthur Baird

Arthur Baird

Over 18 Years Experience


Reiki Requests

Jacqueline Falla

2019-08-28 20:17:59
Ericeira, Portugal
I want to receive Reiki to connect more with a project I’m doing. To become more motivated to dedicate myself to it

Justine Sparks

2019-09-01 21:47:52
Cottonwood, Az
Debilitating anxiety and deep insecurities affecting my day-to-day life


2019-09-03 15:16:36
Wright City, Missouri
Chackra alignment and unblocking.

Patricia Clark

2019-08-28 21:05:49
Mercer, MO USA
Bad knee & pain/nerve damage from shingles

Nasreen mohamed

2019-08-26 14:03:09
Alwaker , qatar
I have problems with my lift eye , my eye become red always , i wish i can heal from that oneday , thank you .

Gaganjeet kaur

2019-08-21 17:20:27
Amritsar punjab
For headache and eye sight

Caitlin Aubrey Stivaletta

2019-08-19 20:12:14
San Diego, CA 92117
I am a single mother of two children, who were abandoned by their father, just after I was cured of cancer st the age of 30. As a deeply sensitive and intuitive person, I can already identify the healing they require within. I would like to heal my children and enlighten them at a young age, so they too can spread this powerfully loving and healing energy. Additionally, I am an elementary school teacher and would like to expand my spirituality so that I can spread more positive energy into my school community and outward from there.

At this time, financing a yoga certification or reiki training is impossible and I am hopeful that I will discover a path to healing that transcends financial barriers.

Thank you.

Sanchit A

2019-08-17 08:06:28
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
I find a certain heaviness in my being that is increasing with time. I was depressed earlier, and I fear that it is coming back.

Michelle Jackson

2019-08-16 06:08:48
Stanton, CA
Hormonal imbalance , infertility

Sandeep Rustagi

2019-08-14 02:50:54
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Stress, Job Issues, Family


2019-08-12 18:08:42
Gaur city 2 greater Noida West
Aggressive irritated nature behaviour issues I am getting every day mood swings due to thyroid too…quarrels with partner shouting nature much expectation.. always get hurt if not fulfilled …not happy with career
No mood to do anything these days

Orlando Richard Stovall III

2019-08-12 17:48:41
Goldsboro, NC 27530
blood disorder, low hemoglobin, chemotherapy

Jawn Wolfe

2019-08-02 06:14:46
New York, NY
Inner child healing

Scarlet P.

2019-08-02 02:20:33
Brooklyn, New York
healing the emotional body after abuse

Kenisha Williams

2019-08-02 03:01:53
Jacksonville Florida
Feeling lost and just need help on my spiritual journey.

Rebecca T

2019-08-01 16:28:15
Lewisville, TX, USA
Having many financial issues affecting myself, my family, and loved ones. Please send healing prayers to me.


2019-07-30 05:36:37
Bronx New York

Laurelle Gaia

2019-06-06 04:28:45
Sedona, AZ USA
Full Healing

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