How can Reiki training help me?

  • You will learn how to connect to a peaceful, healing energy with ease.
  • You learn how to apply the Reiki energy to help you relax, relieve stress and pain.
  • It will be easier to become calm at times you feel anxious, worrisome, or afraid.
  • Your intuition, awareness, and spiritual perceptive abilities may be enhanced.
  • You may become more aware and aligned with your life purpose
  • You will learn how to help yourself with physical, mental and emotional issues
  • You will learn how to keep your energy strong at all times. This is especially helpful if you feel others “drain” your energy, or if you empathically “pick up” issues from others.
  • You will learn how to help other people with all of the same points.

What can I Expect in a Reiki Class with Laurelle & Michael?

  • Be greeted with kindness, unconditional love and respect
  • Feel completely accepted for who you are
  • Learn in an environment in which you are safe to heal deeply
  • Receive quality training in a professional, and sacred classroom space
  • Learn from ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with over 25 years of experience
  • Participate in discussions, attunements and hands on Reiki sessions
  • Receive the full range of Reiki frequencies during hands-on in person attunements
  • Learn without rules, pressure, criticism, or judgment
  • Experience Reiki energy flowing through you and others in the class
  • Learn how to apply Reiki energy heal on very deep levels
  • Connect with others in the class whom have a desire to help people and the world.
  • To receive a certificate from the International Center for Reiki (ICRT) and/or Infinite Light Healing Studies Center.  ICRT certificates are pre-requisites to joining the prestigious Reiki Membership Association
  • To have the opportunity to access ongoing training and/or teaching materials and articles
  • To have email support from your instructors after the class


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