[UPDATE] Healing Frequencies for Coronavirus 2019 – 2020.03.26



There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Governments are taking measures to slow down the spread of Covid-19. Citizens are encouraged to practice social distancing and limit non-essential travel. We’re all doing our best to navigate this new normal. Peace Place Gifts & Reiki Center of Sedona are following public health guidelines to keep you and our team safe. Follow your regional public health guidelines and do your part to flatten the curve.

Uncertainty is always scary, but we’re in this together, and only together is how we’ll pull through.

Infinite Reiki Blessings, 
Laurelle Gaia, Micheal Baird and the Staff at Peace Place Gifts & Reiki Center


by Spooky2.com

I was extremely skeptical until after I listened to it a couple of times.

Did cause our cat and one of the dogs to leave the house. Once it was over they returned so I played it again. They left again. Then it worked a third time.

Has a verifiable effect! Displaced a cat and one of two dogs. Caused Laurelle to smile.

All the best to everyone. Much love and big hugs to each of you. Micheal Baird

Ps….works great with headphones but hard to keep them on the cat. Played through our surround sound system and had a good personal clearing and house clearing.

Ps, Ps….actually I played it 5 times. Every time the dog and cat returned I played it again. Finally LAURELLE started coughing a lot. I think it was her way of asking me to stop.

Ps, PS, PS …Luna the cat and Rock the dog are ok, and snuggling with me now.

Laurelle Gaia is sleeping and looking as radiant as every. This is a perfect moment. We love you.

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