Up from Depression with Reiki-Freeing the Independent Spirit


by Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Reiki offers us an infinite number of lessons which, when embraced, can bring about profound gifts of personal healing.  One of the gifts I have received is the ability to heal from clinical depression and align with my “independent spirit”. Another way of stating this is that I have learned to be true to myself. I have freed myself of any perceived expectations, or limitations that others might try to place on me.  I am also learning to free myself of expectations that my own ego might desire.
Very often we learn to do, say and try to be what others want, or expect of us. Sometimes we stray from our independent spirit out of fear of judgment or punishment.

As children we may feel that if we don’t look, dress, or talk like other children, we may be teased for being who we are.  If we grow up in a dysfunctional home, we may be afraid to behave in any way that contradicts how our family members tell us to behave. Consequently, we can grow up feeling unworthy, fearful of speaking our truth, or afraid to even express emotions honestly.  This can cause us to “stuff”, anger, joy, grief, or many other genuine feelings. All of this can cause us to restrict the flow of life force energy in our body, and etheric field.  Then mental, emotional, and physical ailments can develop.
When we separate from our independent spirit, we may be willing to “go along with the crowd”. Over time this can cause us to become numb to who we truly are…a beautiful light of Divine spirit, free to experience life as our heart calls us to enjoy it.

There are times that well intentioned friends, or family might suggest that we follow a life path, which they deem most appropriate. i.e. an artist, or Reiki practitioner may be encouraged to get a “real job”. A free spirited child may be encouraged to “be more like your brother/sister”. Although these suggestions and expectations may be suggested as being for our own good, they can also squelch our sense of freedom, magic and wonder of life.
I found myself in just such a place about 23 years ago, as I had forgotten how magical and wondrous life can be. Through life experiences and my own choices, I manifested what the doctors eventually labeled “clinical depression.” I was actually physically paralyzed for a few months from this imbalance. I had created the situation by separating from my independent spirit.  I felt as though I had become a “workaholic/momaholic” who had learned to live by mine and other’s “expectations” of what a good mother, wife and business person should be. I thought I was holding everything and everyone else together, but I had completely forgotten myself. I finally realized I had restrained my spirit most of my life.
Fortunately, perhaps two months before the diagnosis, I had become a Reiki level II practitioner. Unfortunately, I had not been practicing with my new found tools.  My original Reiki training was very minimal, and although I had been attuned to the symbols, I was taught very little about them. However, I did recall that the mental/emotional symbol could assist in the healing of depression, but we had not been taught how to apply it. This is how I learned that Reiki is our teacher, and will show us what to do.
As I asked for guidance, methods of working with the Reiki Level 2 symbols evolved.  I used them to help me heal from clinical depression in a very short time. (I personally was allergic to medications, however if one is taking prescription medication, these Reiki suggestions can be utilized in addition to following a health care provider’s instructions.)

The process I used is very simple.  Every morning upon rising, and every night before drifting off to sleep I activated the Reiki distant healing symbol HSH and asked to connect with my “true self” and then I invoked the mental/emotional symbol SHK. Next I would simply let the energy flow through me from my hands placed in varying positions as guided. I used my breath as the carrier of the light.
During each session I would find myself breathing the energy in deeply, and upon each exhale tension released.  Most importantly I was becoming aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions that contributed to blocking me from my true self. It was as if my independent spirit had become imprisoned by my attempts to please, or care for everyone and everything else in my life. I also became aware of choices I had made which were out of alignment with my true self.

For me, awareness was the key.  As I became aware of each issue or choice which had been depressing my spirit, I had the opportunity to change.  Sometimes the choice was to simply change a thought process, or a behavior.  Sometimes the choice was to change the way I perceived past circumstances, or to find the lesson within each experience. As each new issue came into my awareness, I made the conscious choice to change whatever needed to shift.  Healing happens when we choose to change the cause.

With each “session” I grew lighter and as I grew lighter I began to free my independent spirit. I was remembering who I Am. As a result I began to respond to life circumstances in more loving ways. In a very short time the paralysis began to leave my body, and I was functioning in healthier ways. It was 23 years ago that all the symptoms of depression healed, and they have never returned. Over these last many years I have faced a lot of challenges, all of which could have triggered old behaviors. However, instead I have used Reiki to connect with my true self and SHK to help me respond in healthy ways.  Every day I try to make choices that help me remain free to be who I Am. When we are able to experience our independent spirit we are free to fulfill our Divine purpose in this life.

I hope this article is helpful to you or someone you know. Whether one experiences depression or not, working with Reiki can help us be true to our self, and free to accomplish our Divine purpose and reconnect with the magic in this life.

Love peace and infinite blessings,


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