The Tree Told Me – a Reiki Retreat Experience




by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Carolyn Musial, an ICRT mentor teacher, was the first to present at this Reiki retreat.  Not only was the retreat experience magnificent she taught us about asking questions of trees and animals. I had been getting tree messages for years, but I never thought about asking them a question.
Do you have a message for us was my simple question?

My eyes were magnetically drawn to one tree at the retreat center. It had a strong trunk and many branches with green leaves and flowers.   It told me we are all like this tree. We are like the strong trunk and our clients and students are the leaves and flowers. They, in turn, are the seeds of Reiki everywhere we are.  What an intriguing message” be like the tree, be strong and reach, and bloom. Then you will grow into a forest of love.  Be gentle with yourself and you each are growing into your strength. Come together and seed each other and nourish yourselves.  Be a beautiful forest of love.

When you do this and share with each other, you become stronger and more beautiful than you are by yourself. Be a forest every day. Whether you use your  branches to reach others through teaching, or helping your clients feel better, you are becoming part of an incredible forest.
The flowers are the people who allow Reiki to guide them through life’s journey.
Since the stroke I have looked at my life in chapters. During my chapter 1 I was a little girl born into a family with a grandfather who was bed ridden with multiple sclerosis. He could not walk or talk but I love him so much. I realize now that I set an intention in prayer, from the heart of a little girl, that during my life I would find something that would help people like him. I found it in Holy Fire Reiki!

I have been drawn to crystals and rock formations for years. I thought rocks talked to me. Yet I had no idea that, on some level, I was asking them questions too. Questions like “how can we work together to help this person heal?

I found that crystals really like to work with Reiki and they help on many levels simultaneously.
It matters not if a client or student has a challenge physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Crystals and Reiki always work on one level or another.
“You might call your gathering a retreat, but we call you a forest. You are not alone you are a forest when you gather and nourish one another”
Team work is what you call it. We call it becoming a forest.  Everyone is stronger together with others.  That is sooo true. I hurt my wrist at the retreat and it taught me that I am using it and relying on it much too often.  I apparently was letting it do the work of my previously paralyzed leg. It wanted a rest So resting was the answer.  The second we drove off the Mago retreat grounds, my hand began to hurt. With a night of Holy Fire Reiki and some sleep, I am very able to operate this keyboard with one finger. 😍

As this article is writing itself I glance over and see Deb Karpeks book, Creating and Sustaining a Thriving Reiki Practice.  It is available at Amazon,  or Peace Place online or in Sedona.   Deb was at the retreat and as one of our students; she also shared her gifts of Reiki with many in need.
I may be partial to Deb and others in our Reiki family, but I love this book. It will help many others share Reiki. And the more Reiki that is out in the world the less fear and anger and competition there will be.
Trees don’t get angry, afraid. Or compete with one another. Trees are focused on being trees. Boy can we learn a lot from trees.
Remember to ask a question from anything.  Wisdom surrounds you. All you need do is ask and be still and listen😍.

Laurelle Gaia is the founder of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona Arizona and former Director of Teaching for the International Center for Reiki Training.
Copyright all rights reserved 2017 Laurelle Gaia