The Inner Wellspring


By Astara E. Edmonds
In these times of challenge and change, I find my personal path to inner peace is to go within to that place of quiet listening and conversation with Spirit.  An inner dialog takes place between my feeling self and my logical self.  Often, however, my dialog is with my Angels, Guides and Higher Beings.  I trust in this dialog and find that answers to questions come in a variety of ways.  Listening and being open is important to receiving the highest guidance possible.
When we realize that we are all connected and there is nothing really “outside” of us , conversation with Spirit becomes a natural way of life.  When I ask my Angels for help or assistance, I know I am having a conversation with loving and brilliant family members who care about my well being.  I trust this.   As we all grow in our trust in this inner process, we become stronger, more resilient, more creative and less fearful.
While there are fearful situations and circumstances occurring everywhere in the world around us, we can choose our level of participation in that fear.  When the emotion of fear is being felt, look at it truthfully and let go of any attachment to it.  When I move beyond a fearful moment and let go, it does not return to me with any power.  We have the ability to move beyond our fears and the fear felt by others.
We are empathic beings feeling many thoughts and emotions generated by other people.  When a group of people feel fear and broadcast that emotion, it can be felt and absorbed by us.  Using techniques of clearing energy is important to keeping ourselves balanced.  I often say to myself  “I let go of all unbalanced energy and I choose to be balanced, healthy, creative, loving and compassionate.”  You can choose whatever affirming words you desire.
Enjoy the place within that is filled with silence.  When the mind chatter is calmed down and the mind unwinds itself, the quiet place within is a powerful place to be.  Silence is restful and rejuvenating.  Often, clarity comes to us to guide us in making wise choices when we return from the Silence.  Practice helps the pathway to that silent place more easily accessible.
I find that all things meditative helps with finding and maintaining balance.  Activities in nature are restorative and inspiring.  Creative activities as in art, music, photography, crafts, gardening, cooking, etc., all help us feel connected to the positive flow of energy in and around us.  When rest is needed, honor that as well.  Eating healthy, nutritious foods also helps the body in positive ways.
Look at special ways to give of yourself.  Look at your talents and gifts and see how someone may benefit from them.  These gestures of giving have a powerful effect on dispelling negativity.  Your talent may be the very gift that someone needs and is waiting for.
As the world transforms, many of us will be drawn together for the purpose of lifting our inner spirit to higher levels of creativity and productivity.  When our spirit is high, open and engaged, new ideas and clarity can flow freely.  Lifting oneself or another out of the density of fear and constriction is an act of empowerment and expansion.
As we continue to grow, letting go of harmful habits, outdated attachments and limiting beliefs is significant to our well being.
In our awakening process and expansion in awareness,
I often hear these wise words guiding me:  “keep it simple”.

Astara E. Edmonds is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger and Reiki Master Teacher. Astara Visions is located in Florida and Astara is available for Psychic Readings by phone. To sign up for the Astara Visions Newsletter, go to
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