The Cosmic Child


By Astara E. Edmonds
Emerging within humanity, across the globe, are the highly evolved, gifted children, the cosmic child.  They are very bright lights who are highly intelligent,  inventive, intuitive, sensitive, perceptive, highly energetic and excitable, often precocious and wise beyond their years.
When their brilliance is not recognized, they are often labeled with “syndromes” such as ADD, ADHD and are commonly medicated with Ritalin to subdue their energy and make them easier to “manage”.  They can be prone to allergies, ear infections and have reactions to chemicals, medications and vaccinations.  They require very healthy diets free from sugar, chemicals, additives, hormones and artificial ingredients.  Their bodies require healthy foods that provide proper fuel.
These children are very unique.  They are extremely talented with minds that think beyond traditional boundaries and limits.  They question everything especially authority when rules restrict and confine their free spirit.
They often give surprising insight about who they are and their dreams for themselves and the world.  They are natural humanitarians caring for the well being of people, animals and the environment.
They are emerging everywhere across the planet to express their uniqueness and to lead humanity into a more harmonious way of being.  They are our future.
If you have a child of this stature in your life through parenting, family ties or friendship, you are meant to be a positive role model and guide.
Here are some ideas for guiding these beautiful cosmic children:

  • Create time routinely that is soothing, meditative and relaxing.  This helps them to naturally center themselves.
  • Nature plays an important role so give them experiences with plants and animals.  Let them explore nature from the oceans to the mountains.
  • Listen to and support their ideas and dreams.  They carry insight and wisdom through enhanced intuition and perception.
  • Give them creative projects that allow them to design and invent.
  • Give them opportunities to focus their high energy in constructive ways through games, sports, dance, acting and other healthy activities.
  • Give them opportunity for enhanced learning through schools and classes designed to meet their specialized needs.
  • Give them time alone to be reflective and to replenish themselves.  Quality alone time allows them to calm their sensitive nervous systems that are often over stimulated by daily life.
  • Encourage their interaction with Angels.  They often see beyond the veil and feel, sense and know the presence of their Angels.
  • Love them unconditionally.  They are wise ones, old souls, teachers and sages entering humanity to lead us into our future.  They are our way showers.

Many of us were born to be the visionaries and light bearers of this path for humanity.  We know deep within ourselves that we have a mission or purpose to fulfill.   At the core of our being, we know our purpose is to “AWAKEN”.  As we awaken across this planet, young and old alike, we shift collectively and humanity moves forward in an improved and positive manner.
Let us look to our children for the Light, Love and Joy they carry and allow them to lead us through the purification of negativity that is occurring on this planet.  Let us honor them by allowing them to be our mirror for the true Light, Love and Joy we all carry.
May we fill our hearts with gratitude for the unconditional love that is the highest truth of our being and celebrate our cosmic children for reflecting this back to us and assisting us in our Awakening.
Astara E. Edmonds is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger and Reiki Master Teacher.
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