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I AM WRITING THIS as many questions are surfacing and perhaps some answers are arising too. This is also to give gratitude for teams working together. I am healing from a serious stroke caused by brain aneurysms that occurred about one and a half years ago. The doctors gave me a two percent chance of survival. Yet I am here and I am here for a reason. That experience contributed to a coma that lasted three weeks and resulted in the temporary paralysis of the left side of my body. I could neither walk nor talk and I feel that I was given the opportunity to rebirth myself. I am in the process of that rebirthing even as I type this. After a fabulous medical, Reiki and therapy team effort, I am healing. The way that the therapeutic team worked to help me regain strength and mental and emotional clarity has helped me awaken more to the power of working together as a team. In so doing,

we benefit from one another’s gifts. This and my new awareness are helping me see teams everywhere. Apparently that experience gave me a new awareness and understanding of team work. Perhaps that experience is giving life to The Butterfly Squad. As healing is happening for me many questions are surfacing.

My First Question If God were manifesting in this life now, what would God’s body look like to us? I believe that God is an expression of love and has no race, religion, or gender, and is kind and nurturing. God belongs to no one religion or country but instead is absolutely free of limitations. The only thing that comes to my mind is that God is, perhaps, the light of the moon. The light that illumines the darkness. God’s light resides in every living thing. Therefore God is everywhere.

We can manifest Heaven (God’s home) on earth by sharing the light of love with every thought, word or action.
What This Article Is…and What This Article Isn’t This is an article of “perhaps,” because I only wonder about these questions. When I ask some questions and truly listen, sometimes I feel I hear answers. This not an article that judges things as right or wrong. It just acknowledges that there are many perspectives from which to view things. I wonder how God would show that a message is Divine inspiration or simply a thought from a curious, conscious mind. When I ask that question, I always see an image of a butterfly appear. When I reflect on that thought, times in my life when butterflies seemed very meaningful to me come to mind.

The first I remember was during a spiritual journey to the site in Japan where the spiritual healing art of Reiki was born. I climbed to the top of Mount Kurama, the sacred mountain, with a friend and was greeted by a white butterfly. As we left the mountain, the butterfly escorted us off the mountain. We later went to the memorial site of Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui. He had a relationship with the energy of that mountain. While we were at the memorial and during the washing and smoke smudging of the memorial stone, a white butterfly stayed during our entire ceremony. Splashing water, chanting, smoke and all. Another memorable time that a butterfly appeared at a ceremony was during my mother’s celebration of life service. A butterfly appearing was not miraculous, but I found it very meaningful for one to land on my niece’s elbow, as if to give a good-bye kiss from grandmother to granddaughter.

I wonder if God might ask teams of butterflies to join together as a squad to help bring more love to manifest on earth. That, in my opinion, would require a squad of butterflies. Perhaps butterflies are those leaving human lives behind to become physical angels.

Team work and honoring the gifts of others is so very obvious to me now. It seems that gatherings of people with a common focus and intention is becoming more common than I have ever been aware of before. Before the stroke, I would refer to spiritual or “natural” healing as alternative; now I understand that they are truly complementary and together they are most effective. Perhaps it has been like that always and I was unaware. It just seems that when people work together with loving intention, for a higher good, results are often much more profound than when individual egos attempt to control or obtain individual results. I also used to shy away from sports as I saw the competitive nature more than I saw the team working together. That has changed for me. I now see cooperation rather than competition. Prior to the stroke, I had been the Director of Licensed Teacher training with the International Center for Reiki Training. I have been practicing Reiki for nearly 30 years and held the position with ICRT for about 25 years. When I awoke from the coma, I was titled Executive Director and a group of people were doing the job. They had formed a team of dedicated and experienced Reiki teachers and distributed the duties among them. The new team has fabulous gifts and their strengths are foundational for the growth of Reiki and the ICRT. I wonder if God might ask teams of butterflies to join together as a squad to help bring more love to manifest on earth. That, in my opinion, would require a squad of butterflies. Perhaps butterflies are those leaving human lives behind to become physical angels.

Laurelle Gaia is Executive Director of the International Center for Reiki Training’s Licensed Reiki Master Teacher program and co-founder of Peace Place, the Reiki Center of Sedona, Arizona. She is a founding mentor at She is author of The Book on Karuna Reiki®, Be Peace Now, Unconditional Reiki: Free Yourself to Heal, The Butterfly Squads, and many healing meditation CDs.

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