Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II
October 1-2, 2021

In the Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II Class you will review the traditional Reiki hand positions used for yourself and others. You will also practice the intuitive method of hand placement, which can enhance your confidence in your intuition or inner guidance....

Reiki Healing Drumming Teacher Workshop
Sept 24-25, 2021

Reiki Healing Drumming Teacher Workshop Open to graduates of Reiki Healing Drumming. This workshop is designed for practiced Reiki Drumming practitioners who wish to teach Reiki Drumming or anyone that would like to continue their education on their Reiki Drumming...

Reiki Healing Drumming
September 17-18, 2021

Michael Arthur Baird originated the Reiki Healing Drumming Program in 1999. Michael has blended his knowledge and 25 years of experience with Reiki, healing drumming, and spiritual healing, into this powerful, transformational workshop. Reiki Drumming is a specialized...

2021 ICRT International Reiki Retreat

Social distancing and self-isolation are effective ways to slow the spread of Covid-19, and you can still stay connected while staying away. We are bringing the 2020 International Reiki Retreat completely via live stream.

Reiki Sonics™
Sound Healing Workshop August 28-29, 2021

Reiki Sonics™ is designed for anyone who has prior Reiki training and would like to explore Reiki and sound on a profoundly deep level. The class material is helpful for professionals such as nurses, massage therapists, physicians, or “regular people” who wish to use...