Spirit Speaks – January 2012



“Hello to 2012”

by Astara E. Edmonds
When we reflect on the year 2011, let’s find gratitude and appreciation for our personal growth, accomplishments, realizations and blessings that have occurred for us. Sometimes we can get swept up in focusing so much on the challenges and upsets of life that we forget to focus on the positive elements. This is a moment to pause and reflect on our blessings. Gratitude reminds us that our experiences have purpose and the feelings of gratitude can bring peace and calm to our mind and emotions.
With gratitude in our hearts, we can welcome the New Year of 2012 as an opportunity for increased empowerment both personally and collectively. Change is at the center of the times we are in and change need not be feared. Change is what makes each of us grow and expand. Being open to change allows for a positive flow and flexibility with the process.
candle holidayMany messages have been written by our Elders, The Hopi’s, The Maya, The Profits, Sages and Seers throughout time about the change of Ages and cycles on this planet. We are now at the turning of an Age as a 5115 year cycle ends 12/21/2012 and a new Age begins. This cycle as measured by the Mayan calendar is an end point and a beginning point. During this changing of Ages, we are drawn inward to personal reflection of what needs to be released and discarded and what needs to be owned and embraced. This is a time to let go of our fears and allows our spirit to express freely.
Astrologically, we have a potent upcoming year influenced by Uranus and Pluto bringing transformation and social change to our planet. From the numerological standpoint, 2012 brings in the influence of the number five. This represents change, transformation, travel and creativity.
We are becoming increasingly aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect life around us, so being clear about what we want is important as we move forward. In other words, you and I can make a difference by consciously creating a more harmonious and healthy world to live in.
Sometimes the scope of information regarding changes and prophecy can be overwhelming. I personally make an effort to find balance by remembering to live each day being as true to my values as possible. For me, that includes eating healthy life-sustaining foods for an efficient body, looking for the beauty in nature that surrounds me and appreciating my loved ones.
Living life in integrity with kindness, generosity and the desire to learn and grow keeps me connected to living life without fear. Who you are and how you live contributes to all of life. Know that we create our own reality. With transformation consistently at the doorway of our hearts, let’s remember the power of our love and light. Our true power resides in knowing that our light can transform any darkness, any fear, any pain and any illusion. Our awakening is to realize this and to reclaim our freedom to KNOW this.
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This is the dawning of 2012. May your light shine bright.]]>