Healing Hands


by Astara E. Edmonds

Do you have healing hands?  Yes, of course, you do.  The energy that we call healing energy flows through everyone.  When we align with this Universal Energy and focus with intention in a specific direction, the energy flows in that direction.
Whether you are trained in a specific healing technique or not, the universal healing energy flows through you.  When you are trained in a specific healing technique such as Reiki, you are opened to a greater connectivity and flow of universal life force energy and you are given specific ways to focus this energy effectively.
You have innate healing abilities and natural gifts.  Healing has a lot to do with our ability to trust our connection with this dynamic life force energy.  By aligning with your powerfulness, you also align with your effectiveness.
Our world is filled with many kinds of distractions that trick us into believing in powerlessness.  We must move beyond this illusion to the true essence of self, one of greatness.
With this acknowledgement in your true value, you can utilize your healing hands for yourself, your loved ones, friends, co-workers, pets, plants and more.  You can utilize your gift of vision and “see” loved ones in need receiving the healing energy they need.  When someone in need is at a distance geographically, know that proximity is not a requirement.  Energy is not restricted by geography.  Transcending concepts of space and time are part of an awareness shift that allows healing to occur at a distance.
Distant healing is very effective.  It is a way to focus energy for helpful, empowering results.  Even in times of mass crisis such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, famine, etc., you can be helpful.  With your intention and focus, the flow of your healing energy will align with similar streams of energy and collectively become a positive force of influence.  We must think beyond the limitations of what we have been taught to believe in.  It is time for all of us to expand our ideas and possibilities about healing energy.
As we grow in awareness, we also grow in knowing higher truths.  These higher truths will guide our way.  As the mind opens and the heart expands, new opportunities will appear to apply what you know.  When your interest is placed on healing, methods and techniques will show up for you.  People in need will also come to your awareness.  The world around you will support your expansion.
Be creative and exploratory.  Have fun discovering and developing your dynamic natural gift.  The world will benefit from your participation in healing.
Astara E. Edmonds is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger and Reiki Master Teacher.
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