Rose Quartz Crystals


“Rose quartz crystals can be good tools and often help people be more loving, compassionate, and positive with them self or others. Some find they feel nurtured by the energy of rose quartz. There is often iron that causes the pink color of a stone, the energy emitted by the crystal can be soothing and peaceful.

Rose quartz qualities can help one tune into their deepest feelings. Rose quartz may also help one learn the difference in the energy of the types of love. For example it may help one identify loving feelings that they have, i.e. romantic, or unconditional or universal.
Rose quartz may help in communication of feelings in a positive manner which can support growth and forward movement. One may experience the energy in meditation, prayer, jewelry, through touch, or in their environment. ” -Laurelle Gaia

I like to bring in the chemical composition of Rose Quartz to help explain how it can be useful. It is Quartz that contains Manganese. Dr. Bernard Jensen refers to Manganese as “The Love Element” because it helps to support the parasympathetic, healing and repair part of the nervous system and the production of biochemicals such as oxytocin (the hormone that allows mothers to bond with their children and that is produced when you “fall in love”) and Serotonin (which affects our positive moods and ability to vision new realities). Vibrationally, it boosts the roles of Manganese in the body and stimulates the center of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the heart. The heart is also our largest sender and receiver of electromagnetic information in the body (light). By soothing the nervous system and boosting the heart, the stone allows for us to feel positive emotions more easily, and to send out positive emotions to help support others.”  Naisha Ahsian