Clearing Your Past and Illumine Your Future with the Reiki Breath of Light


by Laurelle Gaia
Reiki Whispers, November, 2011
When I am giving a Reiki session to a client, I frequently find that I am reminding them “The deeper you breathe the deeper you heal”.  When I personally receive healing sessions, I am mindful of my breathing as well. It is no secret that various breathing patterns can help reduce stress, facilitate meditation, relieve pain and enhance our general health and well-being.
During this time of intense spiritual and physical evolution of consciousness, humanity and the planet, becoming and staying energetically balanced and clear, is very important. This will help you ride the currents of change in the environment, government, economy and your personal life. In many scriptures in varying religions, humanity has been promised the age of peace on earth. As we all work on our personal energy and healing issues, we are raising our personal vibration and thus the vibration of the planet.
Breathwork is a term that is used for a variety of breathing techniques which can facilitate healing, meditation and expansion of consciousness. We have found that working with specific breathing patterns in Reiki healing sessions is beneficial and can deepen the level of healing the client receives.Healing with the Reiki Breath of Light by Laurelle Gaia Reiki Classes Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona AZ
As Reiki works to reach blocked or stagnant energy, the breath helps to move emotional energy and helps to release unconscious resistance to healing. Conscious breathing helps us breathe through difficult feelings or even physical discomfort. The results can bring a wonderful sense of relief and a feeling of freedom.

The breath techniques we teach vary according to the type of healing and the intention for the session.

One fundamental breath technique utilizes your “central channel”. The central energetic channel connects vertically within the body and carries energy through the soul star, into the crown chakra and continues down the chakra system though the root/base chakra to the earth star chakra.  Central channel breathing can facilitate different healing intentions, or it can simply be used as a grounding and centering method.
For example, to enhance your sensitivity or perceptiveness of the flow of Reiki energy you might try the crown/heart breath of light:
Focus on Reiki as a sphere of shimmering light floating slightly above the crown of your head.  Next intend to breathe the light of this Reiki energy into the crown of your head. Inhale as normal, but maintain the focus at your crown.  The Reiki energy will begin to flow into your crown and descend the central channel.  Intend to draw this energy into your heart and hold it there for a moment as you gently and briefly hold your breath.  Feel the Reiki energy glowing in your heart and then exhale the breath and the light allowing it to flow down your arms and out the palms of your hands and fingertips. Repeat this three times.
etheric fields and central channel soul star earth star, Reiki Classes Next focus on the sphere of Reiki above your head, and inhale it into your heart, holding the breath there briefly.  Now intend and send the breath of light down from your heart through the lower part of your body, solar plexus, abdomen, hips,  into your legs and out your feet to the earth. Reiki energy will automatically begin to permeate your etheric field with light as well. Repeat this three times.

When this technique is used prior to a Reiki session, it can enhance your spiritual perceptive abilities, strengthen your personal energy field, and facilitate of the flow of Reiki during your Reiki sessions.

  • Chakra balancing to clear the past and illumine the future this is a very powerful healing breathing process.
  • Begin by focusing on the Usui Reiki power/focus symbol (CKR).
  • Next bring your attention to the chakra you would like to clear and balance.
  • Draw, visualize, activate or imagine  the CKR an arm’s length out in front of you at the level of the chakra.
  • Now Draw, visualize, activate or imagine a CKR in the center of the chakra inside your body on the central channel.
  • Next Draw, visualize, activate or imagine a CKR and arm’s length behind you, at the level of the chakra
  • You have created a pathway for a breath of light to travel upon, which will open, cleanse and balance the chakra as well as clear a path for energy to flow through the mental/emotional/mental bodies. This allows an open channel for light from your spiritual body (which connects with Source/God/Universe) to nourish your entire being.
  • Now inhale and bring light, on your breath, from the CKR in the front, straight into the chakra and allow it to pass through to the back of your body until it reaches the CKR in back.
  • Next exhale and send the light on the breath from the back of your body to the front.
  • Continue this process for several “cycles” and then breathe normally.
  • If you feel that you need additional grounding, proceed to modify central channel breathing ie. bring light in from the soul star on the inhale, hold it for a moment in your heart, then exhale and send it to the earth star.
  • This process can be used to clear a specific chakra, or it can be used to facilitate a total balancing of all the chakras. If you choose a total system balancing, begin at the root chakra and move up one chakra at a time to the crown, and then repeat the process from crown back down to the root.

During this reiki breath process notice if there is any resistance to the breath, or discomfort in any particular chakra.

  • i.e. if one experiences resistance when moving through the back of the body, this can represent energetic “baggage” being carried from past experiences.
  • i.e. If resistance or discomfort resides inside the chakra, along the central channel, this may represent having difficulty being fully present in the moment. (thinking of the past or future obsessively)
  • i.e. If the resistance is in the front of the body, this can represent fear of the future.
  • Once you become aware of any area(s) of resistance, just continue with the breathing and allow the clearing to complete.

I hope you will try these processes of breathing more light into your life and that you will benefit from them as much as I have over the years.

Wishing you peace and infinite blessings.


Laurelle Gaia is the Director of the International Center for Reiki Training’s Licensed Reiki Master teacher program and co-founder of Peace Place the Reiki Center of Sedona, AZ. She is author of “The Book on Karuna Reiki”, “Be Peace Now” and many healing meditation CDs.  To learn more about her classes and Karuna Reiki, visit