Reiki and the Resurrection of Spirit with Ancestral Healing


by Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Last week I was growing a bit frustrated with myself because I had no inspiration for this month’s article.  Yesterday I discovered why, and this morning the inspiration has begun to flow, so here we go.
First I would like to say that, although this is a Reiki newsletter, please know that I recognize Reiki is not a religion. However, Reiki has brought me back to my religious roots and continues to guide me into a deeper experience of the Divine than I was able to find through the strict confines of any church.
My earliest motivation to learn of spiritual healing was a bible verse, which my 7 year old mind interpreted as Jesus speaking to me personally when he spoke of healing miracles. I remember reading and feeling as if I could hear him say “These things I do, you will do and even more.” This caused a powerful energetic sensation, which I can only equate to what I feel when I experience Reiki today.  There is a lesser known translation of the words “Rei” as holy and “Ki” as spirit, which helps me understand that feeling more today.

“Christ is already in that place of peace, which is all in all. He is on the right hand of God. He is hidden in the brightness of the radiance which issues from the everlasting throne. He is in the very abyss of peace, where there is no voice of tumult or distress, but a deep stillness…” Cardinal John Henry Newman

Yesterday I enjoyed a marvelous Easter Sunday here in Sedona.  Michael, my husband, and I shared a little quiet time in the morning, and then we went hiking with my sister, Lucia, to a place that is very sacred to us.
In May of 2008, our father made his transition. A beautiful place in the forest, overlooking Oak Creek, where hawks, eagles and other magnificent birds ride the wind, became dad’s resting place. When he passed, we honored him at a lovely family service during which we prayed for him and watched his ashes soar with the birds. We also hung special prayer bundles in a beautiful, stately cedar tree.
I have made several visits to Dad’s tree since then.  I find that I can talk to him and we communicate in a manner that I can only say is through energy and telepathic love.  My father was a very analytical person early in life, and as he grew older he seemed to develop a deeper understanding of spirituality. I was a very energetically sensitive child, who had premonitions, and saw energy, and communicated with nature.  When I was 12 years old, I learned that this caused my father great concern. So one day he told me that there is “an imaginary world and a real world, and you must stop talking about those imaginary things”.
A few months ago, just before sunrise, I was visiting the tree, and talking to dad, when I was inspired to take some photos of the area.  At one point I flashed back to that conversation we had when I was 12 and I chuckled to myself and said “Okay dad, I bet you now know my world IS the real world, and if that’s true, show me on this next picture” and click went my iphone camera, resulting in this photo.
One of the reasons we chose to go to visit dad on Easter Sunday was a feeling that we were being called to work with Reiki for healing of some ancestral patterns that have manifested in the lives of my sisters and myself.  We planned to focus especially on issues that had arisen in Lucia’s life recently, which have caused much concern in our family.
In preparation for this moment, I worked with the Reiki energy, using the distant healing symbol and some Karuna Reiki symbols to help me connect with my higher self, and with Jesus.  I asked for help in preparing a prayer that would be powerful for ancestral healing work, which would also honor free will. I was given just such a prayer.
So Easter morning we hiked to this sacred place, which has grown so special to us.  Then Michael, Lucia and I all found our individual spots to send Reiki energy to Jesus, and our ancestors as we offered this prayer;
“Creator; I confess and repent of the trespasses of my ancestors, my parents, my own trespasses and any of my anger and resentment I ever held against you, God.
I am infinitely grateful for the life and love of Jesus Christ.
I forgive and release my ancestors for passing any karmic debt, and any resulting curses, and any thoughts, words, beliefs and actions that were less than Love.  I ask and give thanks for Your forgiveness, as I forgive myself for my participation.
I invite the love of Christ upon my ancestors and myself. I command all trespasses and curses to be halted through the love of Jesus Christ, and for freedom and release to flow to us now.
Jesus; I invite and release the flow of the power of the Holy Spirit through me as a servant of Divine Love from this moment throughout eternity.
I am forever grateful for these and all blessings, thank You, thank You, thank You.” And So IAM amen
We spent individual time in meditation and quiet reflection, and walking to various areas of the beautiful overlook, marveling at the stream below and the wildlife all around and soaring above us.
At one point Michael was standing, what I felt was dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. He called to me from there. I was hesitant to join him, but with the help of Reiki, I let go of fear and stepped out on the ledge.  Out there, resting on a ledge, high above the water was a dime. So what, you might ask.  Well right after our father passed, we began finding single dimes in unusual places.  We always found them when something important was happening that relates to family.

I picked up the dime which was lying with “tails” up.  It slipped out of my hand and again landed tails up. This prompted me to say “Hmmm why tails up?” Instantly I heard “because the past has healed.” THEN we discovered the date on the dime was 1978, the year my son, and my sister Lucia were born!
Since Lucia’s situation was the primary reason we were out on that ledge, we felt dad had sent her a special message that the healing had been received and our prayers answered.
So perhaps the light in dad’s tree, all the dimes, especially the one on the wilderness ledge, dated 1978, were all coincidences. Or perhaps Reiki has helped us each merge deeply into the flow of Divine Love which some call heaven, and some call the resurrection of spirit within the origin of pure consciousness. Wherever this “place” is, I am grateful that the eternal love that we share with our ancestors lives there.
Peace and infinite blessings


Laurelle is the Director of Teacher Licensing for the International Center for Reiki Training, President of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc and the author of The Book on Karuna Reiki, Be Peace Now, and many published articles. Laurelle operates an active healing and teaching practice in Sedona, AZ and upstate New York.]]>