Reiki, Sunflowers and Butterflies


This is one of my favorite Reiki adventures.

In 1997 William Rand and I visited Mt. Kurama and Usui Sensei’s grave. We brought sunflowers to the gravesite, and placed them in the vases among the many flowers left by others. The moment the sunflowers were in place, a beautiful white butterfly landed on them.
We bathed the stones at the gravesite with Reiki water, burned incense, prayed, expressed gratitude and meditated for over four hours. During that entire time the butterfly stayed with us. In meditation we asked Usui Sensei to guide us and help us find ways to use Reiki to assist humanity in awakening to peace.
Near the end of the meditation, with my inner vision, I saw a huge white light. As I watched the light, I realized that it was taking the form of a giant white butterfly. At the moment I recognized it as a butterfly, it burst into millions of smaller brilliant white butterflies. I instantly knew that Usui’s message, and answer to our question was teach and share Reiki with many people. They in turn will share it with others, and then Reiki will indeed assist humanity in awakening to the age of peace.
The moment we walked down the gravesite steps and onto the sidewalk, the butterfly followed us and disappeared.
To this day, nearly every time I teach or practice Reiki out in nature, a white butterfly appears. A most amazing experience was one winter day, at 9,500 feet elevation in the mountains of Colorado. I was teaching a class. I had just told the longer version of this story, when a student said “You are not going to believe this. Look out the window behind you.” I turned to see a white butterfly fluttering back and forth outside the window. Miraculously, this happened when the temperature was below 40 degrees and there were four inches of newly fallen snow blanketing the earth.
I give thanks to the loving guidance from Usui Sensei, which is available for all of us when we invite Reiki into our life.To this day, whenever I see a sunflower, or a butterfly, I smile and give thanks for Reiki and my many blessings.

Love, peace and infinite blessings,
Laurelle Gaia