Reiki, Solar Flares, Crystals and Ascension


How are solar flares and storms affecting us?

In my Reiki practice I have recently noticed an unusual increase in common symptoms among my clients.  Normally my practice assists clients who are focusing on progressing on their spiritual path, recovering from abuse, healing deep emotional wounds, or working to re-pattern old beliefs and negative thought patterns. However, since mid year 2010 clients have been asking for assistance with physical issues, exhaustion, fatigue, forgetfulness, overwhelm, anxiety, vertigo, extreme emotional swings, etc. In a recent survey of some of my facebook friends they reported these additional symptoms; extreme anxiety, migraines, feeling of pressure as if being pushed down to earth, intense vertigo, an uncomfortable sense of urgency.
Although there may be medical reasons for such symptoms, there may also be other factors contributing to the symptoms. However, one must always consider seeking medical advice from a licensed professional. This article is not meant to serve as a replacement for medical care, but simply as an exploration into environmental issues which may be factors, and the vibrational healing methods that may be helpful.
Over the past two years we have become aware of the changes in weather patterns occurring across the planet. As I began to explore possible reasons for these extreme shifts, I became more aware of solar storms and flares. Solar flares are also known as sun spots. When this activity grows in frequency and intensity it becomes known as a solar storm.
Dr. Richard Fisher, the director of NASA’s Heliophysics Division stated : “ The flares create change in the magnetic field on the earth that is rapid and like a lightning bolt. That is the solar effect.”
Hollywood has grown fond of creating apocalyptic movies that attribute the solar storms, which are to increase through 2012, to the end of the world. However, if you are 12 years old or older you have already experienced solar flare and storm activity during your lifetime. The sun’s magnetic energy cycle reaches its peak every 22 years, and the maximum level of sun spots/flares is reached every 11 years.
We know that the earth has a magnetic field, as does the human body. We are electro-magnetic beings.  As the solar flare activity increases, we witness the extreme weather changes.  So could it be that the magnetic field that comprises the aura around the physical human body is going through extreme changes as well?
Solar flares affect our central nervous system, which directly affects our brain, and the cellular structure of our physical body.
So if we are being directly affected by this powerful influx of high frequency photonic rays from the sun, what is happening? Spontaneous healing may be occurring through instantaneous release of our unhealthy cellular memories.
Cellular Memory , Reiki and Crystals
When we learn and practice Reiki, we begin to understand the importance of cellular memory in the healing process.  The human body is bio-crystalline within its cellular structure.  This structure is very similar to that of quartz crystal.  Crystals have been used in healing to help bring balance at a cellular level since ancient times. In recent history Marcel Vogel, and Dr. Emoto have helped us recognize that quartz crystals, as well as the crystals within our bodies can be influenced by predominant thoughts, words and feelings.
Our cells have memory of all of our experiences in this lifetime, and perhaps previous lifetimes, and maybe even experiences of our ancestors through our DNA.
Most often we think of the cells storing memories of repressed emotions and trauma. However, our cells also have memory of positive experiences. The positive experiences, beliefs and emotions hold a high vibrational frequency, while the repressed memories of trauma, etc. hold a lower or denser vibrational frequency, and thus have a direct affect on the densest or most physical part of our being, our physical body.
When we witness earthquakes, hurricanes and other major earth changes that are resulting from solar activity, the earth is experiencing what humans know as the “healing crisis” or stated more positively, the “healing process”.  The earth is releasing, clearing, cleansing and balancing through these extreme and sudden shifts. She is going through her healing process.
At the same time, humans are experiencing sudden inner “storms” and shifts within our consciousness as well as our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Humans, as a species, along with all aspects of creation are evolving.  We are restructuring so that we can hold higher frequencies of light for extended periods of time.  For as the light of our earth grows brighter; humans are increasing our light as well. From a spiritual perspective I suspect that this is part of the “ascension process”, which is ultimately awakening humanity and our planet to the age of peace.
Reiki and Crystals to the Rescue
Reiki practitioners are aware that, with the help of SHK the mental /emotional healing symbol, and CKR the power/focus symbol, and HNSHZ, the distant symbol; we can access deeply embedded cellular memory and begin the healing process. Every time we receive or give a Reiki treatment healing is happening and our vibrational frequency is increasing.
Crystals are vibrational “medicine” with healing properties of their own, but when combined with Reiki, both the healing potentials of Reiki and the crystals are enhanced. Reiki enhances everything it is applied to, and crystals amplify energy. They are a beautiful combination.

I have been teaching Reiki and Crystal healing for many years.  In these classes I have met some wonderful students whom I consider to be friends and colleagues.  I asked a few of them if they would share some of their personal insights about crystals and healing.
From Jay V. Jackson  [email protected]

“A significant understanding is that every crystal is truly unique. A quartz crystal is not just a quartz crystal; each piece has its own unique properties, just as each snowflake is unique in its crystalline structure.
Crystals are natural communicators. Most watches use quartz crystals as a means to keep time. When an electrical charge is applied to the crystal, the crystal responds by vibrating at very specific rates which cause the time piece to work accurately. Quartz is also used in radio technology. The quartz crystal is used as a filter that can locate very specific frequencies, allowing you to listen to your favorite radio program.
Through the “noise” of our environment and radiation from multiple sources, I find that when I work with crystals in healing, I can use a variety of crystals to tune into very specific frequencies that creates an optimum message and vibration to facilitate healing. By focusing on the beneficial frequencies we eliminate or reduce our exposure to harmful energies.”
From Julie Russell, RN, CC, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher 

“The results of Reiki Crystal Healing have been astonishing. I have had people come with physical, mental/emotional and spiritual issues. In almost every case the clients have reported huge positive shifts after using these Crystal Healing Techniques. When these results first occurred I thought it was interesting but now after doing 100’s of these sessions I have come to expect that amazing results will occur.
Clients report that after a session they have had a release of physical and or emotional pain, improvement in self- esteem and or a decrease of fear based thoughts. With the use of the more advanced grids they have reported mystical, mind altering experiences. Several clients have described their experiences as a profound “Satori Awakening”. Many of my long term clients now request that crystal healing be incorporated into all of their Reiki Sessions.”
From Wahneta Dimmer, Reiki Master Teacher, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Clients are awakening to the energy and the benefits of the stones. As they become aware of the energy emitted in the office by certain crystals, they then choose stones to take home with them. As we educate them about crystals as a gift from Mother Earth and their value to our healing process, they are eagerly scooping them up.
On my return from Sedona in May, I drove straight to the hospital to visit a client. He had fallen on some stairs and broken his tibial epicondyle and torn ligature around his knee. Dan was in extreme pain and was having spasms down the leg. I did the complete crystal grid layout including slipping the Selenite wands inside the brace they had surrounding his knee. He slept on and off for the next hour as we did Reiki. When he would open his eyes, he could see the room filled with beings of light. His physical symptoms were alleviated as the muscle spasms never returned. The doctor commented in the morning about the remarkable transformation overnight. His physical strength and stamina were obviously improved upon manual testing and Dan’s spirits were a complete reverse from the previous night.”

There are countless testimonials like these. Those of us who are venturing into Reiki crystal healing are learning more each time we provide this service for clients or have personal experiences with crystals.
Crystals suggested to alleviate physical/mental/emotional symptoms related to Solar flares.

NOTE:  The healing and metaphysical qualities of the stones mentioned below go far beyond what is mentioned here.  In this article we are focusing on the manner in which stones can help, specifically with creating and maintaining balance in the human body during solar flares and storms. These stones can be applied to many other situations when their energy is redirected by requesting that they help with a different focus.
Apache tears
These stones are helpful in purging toxins from the body through the blood stream (especially effective when combined with quartz and bloodstone). They facilitate emotional balance through gentle release of grief and promote forgiveness of self, others and situations.
Aquamarine activates all levels of the second, third and fourth chakras (sacral, solar, heart) by creating a sense of strength, courage and empowerment through love. The aura is sealed in a beautiful veil woven from the light of Divine love, which provides protection without shielding. This type of protection allows one to exude the essence of absolute peace. It also activates the ascending heart chakra (between the heart and throat). This chakra houses the christed consciousness (the essence of peace and enlightenment)
Pink and blue chalcedony are calming and protective stones. Placing the pink stone on the throat and the blue on the third eye is a good way to experience their energy while holding clear quartz in both hands.
This is a beautiful, gentle yet very powerful stone.  Creedite activates soul wisdom that assists one in identifying and rising above beliefs and feelings that block spiritual growth.
Epidote and Epidote in Quartz
Epidote helps clear all types of congestion and also helps us harmonize our energy with all aspects of nature.
Red Jasper provides a feeling of nurturance and helps to transmute pain on all levels. As one is moving through intense transformation it brings a sense of stability to the root and sacral chakras.  This aids in the grounding of higher frequency energies when used with quartz, expecially Herkimer diamond quartz.
Jet is a transformational “stone” that is actually wood that has been submerged under the sea floor and gradually was transformed from a porous form into something much stronger. Its surface is hard, yet it is feels extremely light. It as if it floats in your hand.
Lepidolite carries an energy that is physically, emotionally and mentally soothing, especially during times of transition and intense/rapid change.
Moldavite is one of the most catalytic and transformational “stones”.  There are many theories about the origin of moldavite. The only thing that is known for sure is that something from the sky fell to earth and merged with the earth.  Its form is similar to obsidian. In the application of assisting in balance the human energy field with rapid changes on the earth it is priceless.
Himalayan Ice Quartz aka “Nirvana Quartz”
This beautiful mineral was first discovered in 2006 as the glaciers at 18,000 feet above sea level melted. Nirvana can be defined as liberation of the soul when one has released perceived limitations and fears completely. This stone is also a form of growth interference quartz. When other minerals attach to a quartz as it is forming, irregular marks form on the quartz causing grooves and notches on the face of the stone. As the minerals were attached they slowed the growth of the quartz, but the Nirvana quartz persevered and the other minerals eventually erode away.  This leaves a magnificent, soft white to light pink stone. The process this stone goes through is very much like the process we go through. As solar flares seem to be helping us release our repressed emotions, and gradually free the magnificent light of our soul.
Quartz/clear – it is wise to include quartz in combination with other stones because quartz has an automatic resonance with the cells of the human body. It also has a piezo electric effect on the body and environment. Unless noted otherwise, the stones below will benefit from combining them with at least two pieces of quartz
How to apply crystals and stones to healing
There are many ways that crystals can help with healing. This can be as simple as holding them and paying attention to any physical sensations, thought or emotional responses. You might also consider:

  • Meditate with them
  • Wearing them in jewelry, or keeping them in a pocket
  • Place them under a pillow, or on a nightstand near your bed as you sleep
  • If the stone is one that does not dissolve in water (ie: selenite) and does not contain toxins they might be added to your bath
  • Placed in any room at work or home to add their vibration to your environment
  • A crystal matrix/grid can be created by placing them in a specific formation on a table top, or expanded to a large array of stones that you can lay or sit inside of. (this is my preferred way to transform energy quickly.)

Before choosing any of the methods listed above, I find it helpful to first apply prayer and Reiki while consciously transmitting love and gratitude to the earth and to God for creating and giving birth to each stone. This not only helps to return energy to the earth and honor our Creator, but it also helps to awaken the healing spirit of the stone.

We do offer meditation CDS that introduce the listener to both the Breath of Light and the Crystal Gratitude process. They are available here
Most importantly, remember that you can always center yourself, activate Reiki and ask your higher self which crystal will be most helpful and how to work with it in any situation.
It is my intention with this article, that the reader expand their awareness of the potential crystals and stones offer to help in their physical, mental, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.

If you need help in locating books, CDs, crystals or stones to help in your exploration, feel free to call one of the shop angels at Peace Place Gifts 928-203-7755 (Arizona mountain time 9-6 7 days a week) they love to help. If you are interested in  more in depth information and methods for using Reiki and stones in Reiki, crystal healing, or sound healing please consider our classes.
Wishing you love, peace and infinite blessings,


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.