Reiki, Breath and the Sacred Spiral


Over the years, Reiki has taught me many things and inspired me to research ancient traditions which may hold synchronicities within the various healing arts. The appearance of the spiral symbol throughout many cultures strikes me as one of the more important synchronicities. My interest in this topic was sparked by the very powerful healings that have taken place by activating the essence of Reiki’s sacred healing spiral symbol (CKR).
When I first began researching this topic I had no idea that there were so many variations of the spiral i.e. Archimedean spiral, logarithmic spiral, cornu spiral, Fermat’s spiral, golden spiral to name only a few. I also was unaware that spirals surfaced within nearly every culture and religion. Reflections of sacred spirals can be found in the Chinese symbol for yin and yang, Japanese Shinto healing traditions, Celtic Christianity, Judaism, Islamic designs, the labyrinth, the medicine wheel, and in many forms for the Maya, Aztec, Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and other nations. Spirals exist in our very DNA through the double helix. Some say that the spiral is the fingerprint of God which resides in all of creation.
The spiral can represent the pathway to enlightenment, the involution and evolution of the soul, the passage of time, emergence, initiation, the journey into and from the heart and mind of God, the awakening of the godself, alignment with the essence of perfection through Divine Love.
It is often exclaimed that Reiki symbols are “secret”. I feel that a more accurate description is that the symbols are sacred healing tools, and the attunement to them is a sacred ceremonial practice.
Symbols have been used for centuries to represent different aspects of spirituality. The symbols used in Reiki are connected directly to the collective Divine consciousness. Each symbol is a representation of a unique vibration and serves as a key to activate certain frequencies of energy.
Personally, I have chosen to treat the Reiki symbols with reverence.The symbols serve as sacred healing tools in my Reiki practice. I feel that the profound results they often produce for my clients, and myself are due in part to holding a very deep respect and reverence for the symbols.
Reiki’s sacred spiral, CKR, has many translations, one being “by Divine Decree”. It is also known as the “focus” symbol. The connection that CKR holds within the collective Divine conciousness is that of activating, directing and focusing the full power of Divine Love to heal.
As discussed in past articles CKR can be used to strengthen one’s etheric field thus creating a powerful healing force that can automatically transform dense energy into higher frequencies of light.
We have also had success with CKR helping to dissolve cysts and tumors and heal many different forms of congestion.
Here are some examples of techniques you might try: (these may also be used as complementary to traditional forms of healing or medicine being used)
If the recipient/client is attuned to level II Reiki the CKR symbol can be used, and if not the practitioner can “plant” a seed of CKR and have the client visualize, or imagine, a simple spiral of light.
Practioner and client together visualize the planting of a “seed of light”. Plant a seed or seeds of light wherever the client feels the issue needing healing resides. If the issue to heal is located internally in their body, they do not need to be completely aware of the exact location, instead use the intention that you are placing the seed of light in the precise location and that Reiki will help to create the perfect healing. Remember CKR has the ability to direct and focus the energy and it is guided by Divine consciousness.
Ask the client to focus on their breath. With each inhale the seed(s) get a little brighter, and with each exhale they grow a little larger, and they become spirals of Divine healing light. Allow this to become a gentle, meditative process. Continue to use the breath and the spirals will gradually become brilliant and expand to encompass the client’s entire body. Consciously “bask” in the light of Divine Healing Love and allow it to permeate every atom and cell of the body.
This process should take about 15 minutes, and it is suggested that the client do this AT LEAST twice a day. It is helpful to begin the process first thing in the morning upon waking and last thing at night before going to sleep. It would be best if this is practiced for at least 21 days. (results are often seen in much less time, but the 21 day process helps to anchor or seal the healing)
A similar process can be used for ear or sinus infections by “planting” a tiny CKR in the ear canal and visualizing it gradually expanding with the breath and relaxing the eustachian tube and sinuses while filling the canal and the sinus cavities with soothing light.
The sacred Reiki spiral can also be used in meditation. Visually trace the path of the spiral inwardly and outwardly pausing at the center. In the center inhale and exhale the essence of CKR, the full power of Divine Love. End the meditation with the intention that Divine Love will light your way throughout the day, and that you will walk the path of most light with every step. This is a lovely, very peaceful way to start your day.
There are a myriad of other ways to work with Reiki’s sacred spiral, these are three that you can implement easily. As always, simply allow Reiki to guide you and teach you.
Love, peace and infinite blessings