Reiki and Sound Helps Home Renovations


I have been writing for decades about ways that I use Reiki in my life. I am enthusiastic about all the ways Reiki itself inspires us to include it in any thing we are doing.
As many of you know, I am actually healing from brain aneurysms that almost claimed my life. As I continue this healing I am becoming aware of energy in expanded ways.
My husband, Michael, is working on renovating, and remodeling our home. Prior to the work commencing, I had not given much thought to how the work might affect the energy of our home.
This morning he and his helpers are re roofing the house. I was resting in our living room when I heard Michael begin to drum with Reiki. The best way I can describe what I felt was that it was almost as if I were sitting inside of a balloon that was expanding, as it actually was expanding. The energy felt as if it was becoming clearer and lighter.
Now, hours have passed and the space feels clean and very much alive.
Michael has taught of combining drumming and Reiki as a healing modality. Although, I have been learning of it’s effectiveness in healing sessions, I had not given much thought to it helping during renovations.
Another thought that has recently occurred to me, is how Reiki shows the path to learning of things that are either new to me, or perhaps they are subjects that I already know of but there is to learn.
For example, I have recently learned that some energies that I have become aware of over the years, were actually shown to me by spiritual guides with the names the same as the energies themselves. ie, I have worked with the energy of Peace and enlightenment for years, but I only recently realized that it is an energy by the same name that identifies one of our spiritual guides, Utumei.
We have recently moved into a smaller house that we lived in before we rented it to other people. Michael occasionally jokes that this is sort of like putting 5 gallons into a 1 gallon bucket. Some people call this the process of downsizing rather than getting overwhelmed, I would like this to be manageable and Reiki is helping.
This is likely going to be an ongoing article and may also help us hold ourselves accountable to ourselves and to Reiki.
So I think Reiki will help us, and I am sending distant Reiki to this project of reorganizing. It is my intention that, as we go through this process, you can translate it to your own Reiki reorganizing, remodeling, To Do list, or de-cluttering project.
We also can become more aware of how this process of organizing can complement the healing process as I am healing from the stroke that nearly took my life. This process is another way of looking at life with a fresh perspective. It is my hope that working with Reiki, may help us be more compassionate with ourselves and others during the healing and reorganizing processes.

Infinite Blessings,

Laurelle Gaia