Reiki and “Protection”


When I first studied Reiki I was taught to use the energy to “protect” myself.  I had always heard that we should protect ourselves in the “white light” to prevent anything negative, or dark from affecting us.  Although this seems to be a common practice, I was never comfortable with it.

Over the years of working with Reiki I have learned a new way to think about this concept.  I recognize the existence of the “collective creative consciousness” (this is different than the collective unconscious).  I envision this as a pool of energy that holds all thoughts anyone has ever consciously had, or ever will have. One day I was in a Reiki meditation, and these questions came to me; “Is there a collective creative consciousness?” “Does the creative essence of all conscious thoughts gather there?” “Does this collection of conscious thought create our reality?”  If the answer to these questions is yes … then are those of us who spend time “protecting” ourselves each day actually creating a world we need to be protected from?
As I asked these questions during Reiki meditation, information seemed to pour in.  What I heard was that we can assist the evolution of humanity and the planet by a simple change in our perspective.  What if, instead of protecting ourselves with Reiki, we simply strengthened the light of love that we are by using the Reiki energy.  Then if anything “negative” should attempt to enter our energy field, it would touch into Reiki and receive healing. Therefore, instead of shielding ourselves from the world, we would be infusing it with the vibration of Unconditional Love.
Using Reiki to strengthen the light of love that you are is very simple.

  1. Invite the Reiki energy to activate. If you are Reiki I, this is all you need to do. If you are Reiki II, you can also use the power symbol and the mental and emotional symbol.
  2. Focus on your heart and solar plexus chakras and imagine you are breathing through them.
  3. As you breathe visualize, or imagine Reiki energy blending these two chakras into one.  Continue to breathe Reiki energy through this combined center of power and love.
  4. As you inhale the light grows brighter and stronger. As you exhale the Reiki energy flows out into your energy field. This strengthens your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with the transformational power of Reiki and Divine Love.
  5. Feel yourself growing stronger energetically, and more peaceful.  Remember as you are doing this . . .  the only TRUE power is Love!

After you have completed this process, allow yourself to feel confident that you will be able to transform any situation that is less than light, by simply BEing the power and love of the Reiki energy.  This process can help you respond in a loving way at all times, no matter what challenges you may face. This can also help you recognize the creative power your thoughts hold, and help you feel safe and nurtured without shielding yourself from the world.


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.