What’s It All About?


This year certainly has been a year of growth, shifting and change. One thing that we can be certain of is that we always have the opportunity to grow and heal. Those of us dedicated to spiritual growth often find solitude to be important, so that we are able to truly listen to the whispers of our soul. However, in addition to quiet moments, we also benefit from interacting with other people with similar ideals.

We have the opportunity to join in community with those of like mind in many ways. Of course there is simply meeting your best friend and sharing conversation. We also have events like medicine wheel gatherings, new and full moon meditations, or drumming circles. For some people, coming together within a church, or volunteer group is helpful for spiritual growth.
We offer opportunities for medicine wheel gatherings, meditations and healing classes at Peace Place Gifts and Sedona Reiki Center.

I feel that at the end of 2012 into the first part of 2013, we were inspired to be more introspective, soul searchers.  Now, as we move into the end  of 2013 and look toward 2014, we are being called out into community to share with one another. Whether it is just with one friend, in a small group gathering or class, or a large event; it is time for us all to emerge as the stronger, wiser and healthier people we have become.
Through introspection and growth we each have more to share with others and the world. Michael and I have have taken a partial  sabbatical from teaching for a few months. This has allowed to us to seek Divine guidance, listen and envision where our path is taking us.
Throughout the remainder of 2013 and into 2014 there will be many marvelous opportunities to come together in community, to learn, grow, heal and share.

In January of 2014, Sedona, Arizona is throwing a citywide soulful celebration and invites wisdom seekers and wisdom keepers to share, celebrate, discover and expand their inner wisdom. Hosted at the solar powered Sedona Performing Arts Center, Sedona World Wisdom Days presents keynote speakers, interactive workshops, an inspirational book fair, spiritual film festival, ceremonies, shopping at the “world wisdom village” and the dedication of the Sedona World Wisdom Bell. There will be many special speakers, including Dr. Jean Houston and other well known authors and teachers. We are excited about this event.
Another major spiritual event in Sedona is the Karuna Reiki Master Emergence on Feb 17-21, 2014 . This special event is for those who have received Karuna Reiki Master training, and wish to be immersed in the energy. Together we will explore the  magnificent spiritual growth opportunities Karuna Reiki offers.

We hope you have had, or are are having the opportunities to delve deeper into your essence; and that you are now ready to emerge, brighter, clearer and stronger than ever before.
As you may know, Reiki is one of our passions. Reiki has been a guiding light in our life. So whether you are experienced with, or new to conscious spiritual evolution, or healing and wellness pursuits;  Reiki can enhance your life in both simple and profound ways.
If you would like to receive a wonderful, loving boost along your spiritual path, please join one of the many classes or events that we offer on our calendar.

Laurelle  & Michael 2013

Ask Yourself…
What is it…that you have to offer?
What is it…that is burning inside of you?
What is that ember of light… that desires to blaze forth and illumine the world?
By listening to our hearts and following those inner promptings we have been guided to share our gifts of healing, communication, love and inner peace with people all around the world. Please join us and register for a class or event today.

Laurelle & Michael