Original Blueprint of Divine Perfection


We stand at the dawn of the New Year, like the flower whose face turns towards the sun, ready to receive the warm and brilliance of the devoted and reliable Source of Light. A perfect reminder that regardless of what “adventures” are in store for us, whether they be intentions, dreams, activities and experiences upon life’s path and journey,

Heaven is here, right here.

At every moment, we remain under the ever watchful gaze and adoration from our Angels, Masters, Teachers and Guides who know our Original Blueprint of  Divine Perfection and our perfect path of evolvement.
At every step, we can open to the subtleties of building our inner core relationship to “Divinity” and receive the messages of inspiration, insight, support and guidance from our ever ready team of assistance.
To see, hear, feel and know this guidance directly, it is helpful to remove any obstructions to this guidance by clearing out the channels of receptivity and beginning with a “clean slate.”
Clearing the channels is just as essential to our health and well being as brushing our teeth, taking a shower and removal of the trash. In fact, the cleaning, though known to many of us, comes just as a reminder to begin not only our year with renewal, refreshment, clarity and vigor, but can be activated daily, at the beginning or end of each day…
Helpful tips for being a clear open channel for Divine Guidance and dancing with the flow of life:
Find yourself in sacred space, connecting with the center of your heart, relax, breathe fully and deeply…


“Cutting Cords”
Say these words:
“I now sever all non-beneficial binding cords to and from people, places, things and situations which are not in alignment with my Highest Good and Path.”
If names or images show themselves to you, be with what shows up and allow those cords to dissolve, detach, disappear in whatever way is presented. Allow for whatever time is necessary for all cords to be removed.


“Soul Retrieval”
Say these words:
“I now retrieve my Soul parts that have been lost or given away.”
See and feel pieces and/or parts of your Soul coming back to their original home within you. They may show up as returning to you from people, places, things, situations. You may also note where in your body and being these Soul parts merge.
Upon their return, you may feel stronger, heightened vitality, a sense of wholeness, spaciousness and peace.
From this balance point of release and gathering, is the opportunity for the space of neutrality and a clear slate of receptivity.


“What We Create Space For (and Look For), We Shall Notice…”
Look for Heaven, Listen for Heaven, Feel for Heaven, Say “Yes” to Heaven in your Heart and Allow for Heaven to not only be a part of your life, but the core foundation of your life.

Have a Blessed, Blissful and Spirited New Year!!!

by Mariko Yamamoto
Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration
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