Marketing Your Reiki Practice


by Tara Golden

What can a professional video do for your business?
On-line marketing is the wave of the future. The world-wide web is the new office! Investing in a professional, custom, documentary-style video with testimonials is a cutting edge marketing tool which is less commercial, bridges connections and trust with prospective clients and has marketing longevity.
A short, well-crafted online video combined with the internet has the power to introduce your business to prospective clients quickly and effectively, bring your business up to the top of the Google search results, answer common questions about your service, make business connections on Facebook and often times, can be used as a closing tool for your sales.
Who is Tara Golden?
After graduating in 2004 from The Zaki Gordon Institute for Filmmaking in Sedona, the world became my fantastic playground! I have been film making for 7 years now, making a successful living filming and producing short, professional, high quality internet marketing videos for various types of small businesses, including B&B’s, adventure tour companies, artists, & many others.
I recently completed a feature documentary film called “Peace Walker”. Taking three years to make, and shot across the beautiful landscape of the United Kingdom, the film documents a brave and sincere endeavor to take an 1100 mile walk for peace.
I¹ve had over 2 million viewers visit my YouTube page, as well as have been featured four times on YouTube’s home page where one video was voted one of the most inspirational videos of the year! Go to:
(Also, scroll down to see my professional video samples!)
There is a vast difference in the quality of online videos. As you review these samples, you will notice clean, beautiful work that captures a unique feeling of integrity in each setting.
What makes this a unique opportunity?
Your video will be hosted on your own free YouTube account, so there will be no additional hosting or monthly fees after the one-time payment for the video production. Embed your video right on your business webpage, facebook page, send in emails and more!
Instead of spending your money on advertising that has a limited life span, purchasing a video that you own the rights to, can be utilized for the years to come and is for many business owners, a more valuable, cost-effective option.
Do I really need a video?
Just as you carefully take the time to create a beautiful, valuable, quality product for your customers, it is equally essential to choose a skilled videographer who can capture the essence of your business and be able to present your product in an exciting, professional way to the world!
How much will it cost?
The special single video production package rate for a first time client is $1095. This package includes the following:
1) one-on-one personal consultation to brainstorm about your prospective business video and internet marketing strategy.
2) an on-location video shoot (about 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours) 3) professional film editing to produce your HD video
4) creating a YouTube account for your business
5) uploading your high definition professional video onto your free YouTube account host (can take 3 hours)

Can I see some samples of your work?
Yes! Below I have listed by business category all of my best work to date. When you click on the YouTube links, please be sure to click “watch in high quality” at the bottom right of the black box! If you like what you see,
please contact me directly at: [email protected] 928-203-4156
Tara Golden
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