In the Stars – November, 2010


Yahaira126by Yahaira Volpe
The transiting Sun is now moving through the secretive mysterious emotional water sign Scorpio. We are in the middle of the Fall Season, leaves are turning colors and the weather is starting to cool. The autumn is such a beautiful season, as nature turns her energies inward. We observe and enjoy this cyclic process as we see as the leaves change color reminding us of the cycles of change and transformation. All things go through cycles of seeding, growing, harvesting and diminishing towards renewal. Autumn and winter are the months that our consciousness turns inwards and delves in seeking the inner light.  We begin to process our deeper desires looking for greater guidance in the light as we navigate galactic-ally through these tremendous changing times. This momentous change is accelerating us towards greater unity as we live to know we are one.
Scorpio is ruled by Mars which makes Scorpio Sun signs very determined to pursue their interests with conviction. ZodiacThey are very imaginative, subtle and can be stubborn, obstinate, secretive, suspicious and jealous natives. They are self-centered with vast amounts of stored energy which helps them to achieve great things once they are clear of their intent. Scorpios always offer the most thorough explanations or reports. They are reliable and filled with deep magnetism and most are natural healers. This fall and early winter season will give Scorpios a boost in confidence as optimistic Jupiter trines your Sun and Venus conjoins it enhancing your personal magnetism. Transiting Mercury in Scorpio plus Mars adds focus and drive to your ambitions. Happy Birthday Scorpio!
While the Sun transits through this intense water sign, until the middle of the month we are able to get in touch with deeper primal desires. This transit of the Sun gives us the opportunity to delve in and know our purpose.  Transiting Mercury and Venus also moving through Scorpio add focus and determination to our aspirations. The energies are beneficial if we use them to evaluate our desires. We may find ourselves asking, what is really important to me now? People may find themselves wanting to get to the bottom of things not accepting superficial explanations for issues. Practice moderation in all interactions as we may find ourselves seeking to forgive and forget as the intensity increases in relationships, while Venus has been retrograding through Scorpio all of Oct. and the first half of Nov. Venus re-enters Libra while retrograde through middle of the month. This shift into Libra helps bring in more harmony and balance. Decisions made previously can now be evaluated with more harmony and justice. Moderation is the best approach in all things while we transit through Scorpio. Realize that possessiveness and vengeance don’t allow relationships to flourish as Venus moves direct into Scorpio later in the month. Expect greater improvements in relations and with the economy after the New Year.
The outer planets Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius have a bearing on our dreams, hopes and visions both turn direct motion this month. This energy will bring forth more inspiration and faith as we may feel more attuned to the Aquarian motives of unconditional love and the awareness of the telepathic linkages we do share with one another as we adjust to the incoming higher frequencies that are heralding the Age of Aquarius. We are now learning to filter these energies with our minds so things may still seem to be nebulous or foggy yet we are finding new paradigms from which to give these energies form on the earth plane.
The energy shifts towards the positive in the middle of the month as the Sun, Mercury and Mars will move through the optimistic fire sign Sagittarius. People will feel more cheerful and in a festive mood later in the month.
The Lunar Cycles for November
The New Moon charges and jump starts new project in the first week of November on the 6th moving through the mysterious water sign Scorpio. Intensity is the keyword here as we will want to pursue new projects with passion. The new moon is the phase to commence things.
The First Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 13th in the fixed air sign Aquarius. This moon brings out the humanitarian side of our collective. This would be a good weekend to get out and share information with others. People are likely to be more intellectual and detached.
In terms of projects, this is a fine time to look for evolving patterns to your designs.
The Full Moon on the 21rst, in the practical earth sign Taurus, opposing the Sun in the last degrees of Scorpio ushers in silence filled with a mysterious intensity. This is a good night to light some candles and contemplate all the ego stuff you would like to let go off. Full Moons are great for transformation.
Lastly on Nov. 28th, we have the Last Quarter Moon in the analytical earth sign Virgo. We are likely to be in the mood for work that enables us to process details. The last quarter moon energy is good for clearing out what isn’t working. This is the dark of the moon phase good to clean, empty and loosen the unwanted threads and get ready for the new energy that comes with the New Moon phase.
As always the Stars can incline us but we have freewill to take advantage of the celestial cycles.
Peace and Blessings