In the Stars for July 2010


By Yahaira Volpe
The transiting Sun is moving through the emotionally sensitive water sign Cancer. We have had the longest day June 21, 2010 and now the Sun starts its trek southward through the zodiac.
Summer is a fun time for getting out and enjoying the fullness of the Sun’s rays. It encourages us to be outdoors hiking, biking, swimming and while the Sun is in Cancer we like to feel our way around our circle of friends and family.
Cancer is concerned with the values of home, security and emotional sensitivity. This sign is nurturing and likes to maintain order and control through its emotional sensitivity.
Cancer Sun Signs are warm, affectionate, conscientious, tenacious and changeable. Their mood swings are caused by the fluctuations of their emotional natures because Cancer is ruled by the Moon. They are imaginative, responsive, sympathetic and generally kind and gentle people. They like to retire and spend time at home which offers them a sanctuary to protect their sensitivity. If aroused to anger they soon forgive. They like to retain their memories well on all subjects and most are drawn to history. They love to collect things to bring home and share with loved ones whom they protect from the harshness of the world. The keywords for Cancer is; “I Feel”. They tend to hide within their shells making their decisions based on their intuitive feelings. Happy Birthday Cancer!
This year Cancer Sun signs are challenged by Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus which are challenging them to take action and break through limitations. At first, this can be a frustrating summer for most Cancers yet they will have broken through towards greater freedom of expression and opportunities are around the corner after the transit passes. This summer is a time for them to take action on key issues.
The major planetary shifts for June and July are Saturn in Libra squares Jupiter and Uranus both in Aries.  Uranus the planet that represents sudden changes and awareness is turning retrograde July 6th. This shift will stir our consciousness towards more freedom of thought and new inspiration for the pursuit of freedom of expression. Jupiter in Aries also turns retrograde July 24th. These planets represent faith and expansion (Jupiter) and invention and change (Uranus) both will be moving together in the pioneering fire sign Aries emanating energies for more powerful changes due to crisis. Retrograde planets are stronger and we tend to utilize those energies more within ourselves where the real transformations take place. Expect a new awareness growing within this summer as these planetary energies spark up our souls to action.
The Lunar Cycles for July
On July 11th we have a Solar Eclipse in the sensitive water sign Cancer.
The New Moon charges in with this annual Solar Eclipse. New insights are indicated with this Moon as it is an eclipse it may be more powerful in that we attune more to our feeling body. Some may find themselves having more emotional awareness as we delve to understand how to shift and process our feeling nature. New beginnings are always indicated during and Solar Eclipse. This is a turning point in the year because the Solar Eclipse is a sensitive point where the Sun and Moon align with the Moon’s Nodes. These invisible points are indicators in the horoscope where we aim for new experiences and let go of the old.  If you have planets in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries these signs are the most impacted by the Solar Eclipse.  Be aware of the charge in your own energy this mid July which will inspire or pressure you to make changes either through crisis or awareness; are all part of the opportunities for growth this summer.
First Quarter Moon occurs July 18th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This lunar ingress is great for putting action into your plans. Libra Moon encourages communication, socializing and balancing. Harmony and fairness with self and others is best achieved under this Libra Moon.
The Full Moon occurs July 25th in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. We may seek to put our energies forth where it best suits the whole rather than the individual. Aquarius is concerned with inventive collective ideas that may be revolutionary in that they shift collective paradigms. This is a good lunar Moon for thought transmission and telepathic connections with other dimensions.
Yahaira, is a gifted astrologer and clairvoyant.