How to Cleanse a Crystal with Reiki and the “Crystalline Koki ho” Breath


by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Crystals are susceptible to absorbing energies from the environment. They can absorb heavy negative energies just as easily as they can absorb loving energy of a very light, high vibrational frequency.

No matter how diligent we are with keeping our own thoughts, words and actions kind and loving, we might occasionally lose our center. Also, there may be others in the area where our crystals are housed, who are unaware of the power of their thoughts and words.  Playing music of a low vibration, or watching negative programming on television, near your crystals, can inadvertently infuse them with dense energy.

There are many ways to cleanse crystals of dense energies, including yet not limited to, burning sage, prayers, soaking crystals in sea salt water, placing them in the light of the sun or moon, or perhaps burying them in the earth. However, there are caveats regarding the effects some of these methods may have on your crystals.

Considering these things, it is helpful to have a fast, simple and portable way so clear your crystals. Reiki to the rescue!

You will be incorporating a version of the Japanese Reiki technique known as Koki ho, or Reiki with your breath. Dr. Marcel Vogel, a famed IBM scientist, and researcher in the field of crystal healing, taught us that we “carry the imprint of our soul on our breath”.

The method described is called Crystalline Koki Ho. This version of Koki ho is slightly different than the original in that both the inhale and the exhale are through the nose.

First think of your connection with the infinite supply of Reiki energy within you and all around you. Focus on the area above your head at the level of the soul star.

See, or imagine, a Reiki power symbol (or the Holy Fire symbol) within the soul star. Inhale and draw the light that is forming there down through your central channel to the tanden, slightly below the navel. Focus at this point, “see” another power symbol there.

Draw that energy in on the breath and up your central channel to your mouth. Next place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hold this position and your breath as long as you comfortably can. As you do this the intensity of the Reiki energy is building.

Feel the power of Reiki upon the breath and then exhale through your nose, focus on the clear intention that you are clearing the crystal with the full power of Divine Love.

This process will take your crystal into a neutral state. From this state it is now ready to be programmed, or infused with Reiki and healing intentions. Methods for accomplishing this will be addressed in a subsequent blog.

Blessings, Laurelle

Copyright 2009 Laurelle Shanti Gaia