Holy Fire Reiki, Developing Perception and Having Free Will


Being able to sense energy helps us develop our Perception. Our perception is when we use all of our senses to become aware of something. We may use our sense of touch, clairvoyance, smell, hearing, or simply our awareness to identify a specific frequency; perception allows us to determine what type of energy something holds. It is helpful to be able to perceive something without judgment.
I often use Reiki to help me determine which frequency of energy is involved or perhaps Reiki helps me understand if I need more of a specific frequency to help a specific situation. I activate the distant Reiki frequency to help make the connection with whatever, or whomever I wish to have the Reiki energy help. I then activate the Reiki power symbol or the master symbol to help me discern what frequency of energy is present.
Perhaps the subject that we perceive is neither good nor bad but just IS.
Let’s use a crystal as an example. We can perceive a crystal as a rock, or we can perceive it as having a specific energy that can help heal something, holding a specific frequency that a human body may be lacking. Taking it a step further, a piece of rose quartz may be only a pretty stone or perhaps it may hold a frequency of energy. Energy that can help one open their heart to receive or to feel more loving energy. We can perceive both, yet it is our choice to interpret the frequency. Perception may be either a positive, or a negative interpretation.
Another example of this is in the interpretation of a diagnosis of an illness. Often patients react by feeling sad when they receive the diagnosis. However, perhaps we helped create the illness by being overly focused on something, or not having the nutrients needed to support our body physically, mentally or emotionally; or expending excess energy, causing us to be extremely busy, and that may contribute to our “leaking” energy.
This could contribute to feeling very fatigued. In this case, perhaps we developed an illness which will help us slow down and revisit our lifestyle, when this is the case, we may be inspired to make adjustments to the way we are living our life. Perhaps this is contributing to people feeling sorry for them self. Rather than seeing the opportunities that healing can offer us.
Reiki helps us to develop our perception and Holy Fire can help us to develop our awareness.
It seems to me that when Holy Fire came to us, our level of awareness of Reiki energy expanded. Perhaps that is what Usui really meant when he told us that Reiki would continue to evolve. Maybe he meant our awareness would evolve rather than that the energy would change. After all is Divine Love always Divine Love?
I feel Holy Fire reminds us that the frequency of Love is the only real energy yet it helps us know when and which additional frequencies may be helpful. Or perhaps a specific frequency is affecting us more than necessary. For example perhaps we are in need of, or are holding excess protective frequency. This might be the case when we feel extremely vulnerable, or shy, or when we hold excess protective energy, others might feel a need to shy away from us, which might contribute to a feeling of being lonely.
I also feel that Holy Fire energy helps us when we develop our perception so that we control any tendency to judge something as good, or bad, but being content to know that it is only present, and may be influencing the effect energy is having on the situation.
Using my personal experience of the stroke, I had a choice between grieving that my life was going to be very different than it was before, or I could perceive it as having time to devote to growing stronger, and learning additional subjects, I chose to consider it as an opportunity to learn more and hopefully to be more helpful to life. I am grateful that we are blessed to have free will to choose.
Holy Fire helps me to develop my personal perception of energy, it helps to do this without influence from an external source or without judging the energy as good or bad, but to acknowledge that it is simply present, or when the activation of Holy Fire might be helpful.
by Laurelle Gaia
Laurelle Gaia, Author of The Book on Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World