Have you cleared yourself today? Another Reiki MUST Do!


I have recently fully emerged, pulling my head out of the proverbial clouds, spiritually speaking that is.  For many years I have avoided the topic of spirit attachment. I have refused to explore the many detrimental ways in which we can be affected by dark energy. My avoidance was because I felt that by focusing on the topic, I would be giving energy to it, and therefore attract the darkness. However, I finally admitted to myself, that this resistance was just a cloak for a fear that I hesitated to admit. I learned long ago that…“When we allow love to dissolve fear, our faith grows stronger and our dreams manifest.”

Since our last issue I have studied the topic in greater depth, confronted my demons (not just figuratively speaking), cleared myself, and in the process I have stepped out of that fear and fully into Divine love. I learned that many types of dark spiritual attachments are possible, and about the profound ways in which they can affect us.  I also learned how simple it is to clear myself and to help others do the same.
It is with immense gratitude that I acknowledge the spiritual teachers that led me to a very gifted master teacher/author of this subject, John Livingston. John lives in Sedona.  After reading his book I arranged for John to come to Peace Place and train Michael, myself and the entire staff at Peace Place (our Reiki Center in Sedona)
Our only challenge now, is after we learned how important this work is, we have to hold ourselves back, because we all want to clear the entire world, all at once, right now.  So once again, patience is the lesson. It is important to integrate what we have learned, and to take a step at a time. This allows for very clear guidance, and total detachment from ego as we fine tune our skills.
Another reason that I had avoided this type of work is because I know that when I do Reiki, I use the process of strengthening my light prior to the session, I command my ego and personality to move aside, to truly BE a clear conduit for Reiki. In this way I have never, in the nearly 25 years I have practiced Reiki, picked up any negative energy, or spirit attachment during a session.
It did not occur to me that I might have picked up a spirit attachment long before I found Reiki, nor that it could still be with me. While exploring this work with John’s help we discovered that a very strong, dark energy had attached to me at the age of two. Its plan was to hold me back by drawing on my strength. Thankfully Reiki entered my life, and that has helped me maintain more of my energy and strength than I might have without Reiki.
I went through the process of clearing this attachment, which took only a few moments.  Since the clearing I have had much more energy and I am accomplishing things at hyperspeed.
I was taught long ago that no spirit, negative OR helpful, can interfere unless we give permission. So I asked John, how could I have given permission for that spirit to attach when I was only two years old. He explained that there are many ways this can happen. One is at a point of trauma, when we indiscriminately cry out for help. When we just cry “help”, the answer will come, but that is when dark energies that may be “hovering” like to connect.  It is very different if we say “God…help me” or “Archangel Michael help me.” or “Jesus help me.”
Another aspect of asking for help is the timing.
I recently learned a very difficult lesson (Do they ever stop? )  A well meaning person offered to do healing work on me. I wasn’t particularly interested because it didn’t feel “right”. I prefer to seek out healing work when I need it. But, I didn’t want to offend this person, so I agreed.
Just as he was beginning my session, I activated Reiki, prayed, and asked that this healing serve my highest good.
Hours and days after the session, I began manifesting some very unusual symptoms.  When I explored the cause I realized that these symptoms were a result of the session.  During further investigation, I prayed about this, and asked…”Why, when I asked for help, did this happen?” The reply “You only received 20% of what was in store for you rather than the full 100% of what was intended.” YIKES!
Then I asked “Why did this happen, when I prayed for only that which served my highest good.” The reply “Because there was a lesson that is important for you to learn, and THAT does serve your highest good” “What’s the lesson?” I asked. The reply “What did you learn?” I was silent for a moment and then I realized that it would have been better if I had prayed and asked for assistance BEFORE I allowed the session to begin. i.e. pray and ask “Does receiving a healing session from this person, today, serve my highest good?” So, lesson learned!
This new found knowledge has helped me dissolve any fear around releasing dark energies and spirits from people, places and things.  We have learned how to do this work from a very heart centered, loving position.
It can be helpful to provide a clearing for a client, before beginning our healing sessions.  This is because, if there is an interfering energy attached, the person will only receive partial benefit from the session. Since I have begun incorporating the clearing work for my clients who request it, the experiences are extremely strong, and very deep.

I have been pondering on methods of sharing how others might begin incorporating some of this type of work in their healing practices.  Reiki is helping me develop this. I hope to write a future article with some tips and techniques. In order to prevent accumulating any unhealthy attachments, be mindful of what you ask for, be specific regarding who/what you wish to receive help from, and always strengthen your light with the Reiki energy every day.
Love, peace and infinite blessings,


Laurelle Gaia a student, a teacher, practitioner, facilitator of the healing arts and served as a healer in the National Institute of Health’s Glioblastoma Research project. (3 year study on the effects distant healing has on the quality of life for patients with this rare form of brain cancer.) A Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Laurelle served as the Director of the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master teacher training program for about 25 years. In this capacity she have developed training programs and been a mentor for many of the other ICRT teachers. She founded the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in 1999. Author of Infinite Spectrum Color Healing Course, Sacred Circles, Be Peace Now, Reiki Crystal Healing and The Book on Karuna Reiki. Currently developing the Facebook group based on the book called The Butterfly Squads.