Growing Awareness


By Astara E. Edmonds
Psychic expansion increases our ability to perceive the intangible.  We go through cycles of psychic expansion throughout our lives.  Our psychic/intuitive body stretches to become a larger vessel for a greater flow of information increasing our perceptions.
The psychic/intuitive body is closely aligned with our emotional body.  As a result of this alignment, emotional sensitivity often accompanies intuitive growth.
This is why we often feel moody, off balance, spacey, swoony, sleepy and overwhelmed.  This is why crowded places like theaters, grocery stores and shopping malls can feel overwhelming, irritating or tiring.  This is why a friend or co-worker’s problem can feel like a personal burden.  This is why a crisis such as an earthquake, tsunami or Gulf oil spill feels personal and painful.
We are all empathic by nature to various degrees.  Some of us know this, surrender to it and flow with it.  Some of us deny this, resist it and block the flow of it.  Either way, cycles occur to encourage our expansion and growth.
As we process and assimilate our new container of data, we adapt to it and become more comfortable with these new perceptions.  Soon, it seems just normal.  The gift of this expansion is in our increased ability to gather intuitive information that now meets with our rational mind.  The intuitive feelings and the rational thinking aspects of us will relate to each other more effectively.  They become better partners for our everyday choices and decisions.
This expansion also increases our ability to trust beyond the visible world.  So much more is available to us as we stretch ourselves past our familiar boundaries.  This expansion allows for more creativity to flow into our lives in practical ways.  And, it opens doors to realms and beings beyond this world.
When our receptors are clear and available, the signal strength is greater for communication.  This communication can increase with loved ones, family, friends, pets, nature, Angels, Ascended Masters and guides.
During the expansion process, find ways to create comfort and balance.  Here is a list of simple ways to support the process:

  • Breathe deeply for release and energy. Use grounding techniques such as imagining roots running from your feet into Mother Earth.
  • Use clearing techniques to release unwanted and unbalanced energy.
  • Stay hydrated.  Water bathes our cells.
  • Connect with Nature, she is our balancing rod.
  • Keep a journal of impressions and insights to gather clarity.
  • Keep a notepad by the bed to make notes of dreams, as they are great messengers.
  • Visit bookstores and see which books, cards and games are intriguing and inviting.
  • Avoid negative people and environments to minimize the absorption of unbalanced energy.
  • Meditate, relax and enjoy your inner space.
  • Follow your hunches and let them teach you to trust them.

Expanding our psychic/intuitive self means changing beyond our familiar personality traits and behaviors.  Change can be unsettling so finding ways to nurture ourselves helps to bring ease and comfort.
Let us all remember to trust that we are loved, supported and guided in our development.  Our personal, divine plan is unfolding as it should.
Astara E. Edmonds is a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger and Reiki Master Teacher.
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