Golden Apatite


Aids One in Overcoming Fear of Success
Heals Patterns of Self-Sabotage
Encourages One to Move through Fear of Action to Manifest One’s Dreams
Renews One’s Self-Worth
Instills Self-Confidence
Helps One to Feel Hopeful and Passionate About Life
Aids Poor Digestion
Solar Plexus

Gold Apatite is a high vibration crystal that helps to eliminate and/or purge dense, stagnant energy. It is helpful for those who tend to stuff their feelings, repressing anger, fear, etc. by allowing a gentle and gradual “letting go”.  Gold Apatite works to help release the energy of victim hood. A good crystal to use when doing any type of past life recall or karmic work.
Gold Apatite is a wonderful crystal to use when working to balance the emotions, healing/removing blockages, and releasing old baggage/conditioning which may be holding one back from moving forward.  This crystal will offer support as that which no longer is needed, is released.  Gold Apatite can also help with issues of depression, lack of concentration, lethargy, and lack of motivation,etc.
Physically, Golden Apatite Crystals are excellent for counteracting arthritis and is even more effective when used in combination with a green colored mineral, such as Dioptase.  May specifically be used for any type of bone related issues or illness.  Gold Apatite also works in the area of the pancreas, liver and spleen.