Shamanic Feng Shui


by Mariko Yamamoto

It is a privilege and with great joy that the first ever, Shamanic Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Course
The course has emerged from the teachings of my inner and outer guides,
native and feng shui master teachers and extensive experience in the
transformational arts and consciousness fields, as well as the patient urging from clients and students to present such a class. The course is designed to empower each practitioner in making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
Shamanic Feng Shui can be an enhancement to one’s area of expertise as well as successfully practiced on it’s own.
It is always a delight to even speak the name, “Shamanic Feng Shui,” as it seems to invoke a spark and resonance of deep knowing and wisdom within one’s heart and soul, even if one may hear the term for the very first time.
Shamanism is one of the earliest spiritual arts practiced in nearly every culture around the world based upon direct revelation through communing with the living Spirit in all things. Feng Shui is traditionally known as the art and science of creating harmony through opening, activating and nourishing the channels in one’s environment for the optimal flow of life force.
Through the depths of my explorations and practice, I have discovered that working in both arenas has exponentially enriched the art of transformation and healing. Each is founded upon essential laws of nature, honor and respect and the principles that everything is alive with Spirit and consciousness and interconnected in the Universal Matrix.
As we listen intently and deeply to the Universe, She lovingly guides and provides for us in each moment, whether it be in releasing the energy, following the energy, allowing the energy to show up differently.
6 years ago, I had the honor of giving a “Feng Shui Reading” to a Navajo family. The father brought his wife, young son and daughter over to me at the local metaphysical store. As I assessed a simple hand drawing of their space and shared insights about the shifting of energetic patterns, the father kept exclaiming how amazed he was that this was so much like the ways of his medicine.
I also found that even though I had studied the many and varied Feng Shui schools and philosophies including Black Hat Sect, Compass, Form, Instinctive, etc. and read hundreds of books on the subject, each and every space and place was uniquely different, calling forth it’s
own Divine Blueprint and vital energies.
I found that one of the most direct approaches for accessing information was to commune with the Spirit and devas of each space, allowing them to inform me in co-creating a place of optimal harmony, balance and flow. This brought me back full circle to working with
shamanic practices and the innate wisdom of the ages. Shamanic Feng Shui is an integration of shamanism, feng shui, subtle energy medicine, holistic and quantum principles and brings to light the best of all possible worlds and dimensions for sharing sacred medicine with the earth and one’s life.
It opens the potential for rapid transformation through shifting patterns of light and information and creating new templates of experience.
In the shamanic realms, one of the 3 main causes of “dis-ease” or “dis-harmony” is soul loss or soul fragmentation through trauma, stress, fear, not feeling safe. How this may show up in one’s life may be experienced as challenges in intimacy, lack of self esteem, not speaking one’s truth, extreme introversion or extroversion, etc. How this may show up in one’s environment may be through a “missing” area in the bagua or having the experience that a space is empty or carries the feeling of something being out of place or has within it many unrepaired items which are
no longer useful.
The practice of healing is not about erasing symptoms but to open a doorway to the realization of one’s inherent wholeness.
One may work with one, some or all the ways below to retrieve the soul back home into the body or the living energy back into a space.
♥Always begin by making a connection with the space and grace
of the Heart…
♥Soul Journey or drum for the missing soul part or parts and call them back “home” into the body or space. At times you will be shown just which parts are being called in, sometimes it is enough to go through the process of calling them back home. Often times, you will be shown what is needed to anchor in this renewal of energy.
Reassure the parts that they are safe and will now be taken care of.
♥Make repairs, take care of leaks, patch up any holes in your space.
♥Determine if there is a “missing feng shui area” in your space. Create a unified field by building a bridge of light to fill the energy of the “missing area.” You can do this by connecting the area to a larger grid or field by bringing in universal energy through reiki and/or a reiki symbol or healing crystal.
Crystals are perfect carriers for the geometries of consciousness. Let the spirit of the stone choose you for the perfect energies to be anchored in your space.
Here are also a few suggested crystals/gemstones
and their energetic qualities:
Amethyst: balances spiritual, mental , emotional and physical bodies
Aquamarine: helps one assimilate self knowledge
Citrine: clears emotions, boosts personal power
Clear Quartz: can be placed on its own or with others,
program to amplify, clear, balance, harmonize
Fire Agate: assists in clearing safety issues and boosting confidence
Hematite: grounds energy, supports new opportunity
Herkimer Diamond: invites personal and global harmony, alleviates depression
Rose Quartz: heals heart and inner child issues, promotes love
Watermelon Tourmaline: promotes interconnectivity, activates heart chakra
♥Place a picture of a divine helper in the “missing area” and/or a mirror to expand sacred energy into the space.
♥Forgive yourself and/or another.
So remember, whether you address the outer environment or inner terrain, shift is inevitable! Matter is spirit and spirit is matter. Form can be seen as densified layers of consciousness and as we identify the original underlying patterns of light and information which make up our “world,”
we have access to grace in playing with our hologram.
Healing also has the potential of being the path of least resistance and of ease and effortlessness, as it is not we who are the doers but “the door” for allowing Energy to inform us and naturally open up infinite pathways.

Here are some of the realms we will explore in Shamanic Feng Shui:
♥Connecting with and working from the infinite field of the heart
and the space of quantum transformation
♥Deepening and expanding one’s intuitive abilities and spiritual vision
♥Advanced divination and tracking skills
♥Direct knowing through communing and co-creating one’s angels, guides and devas and the Spirit within all things
♥The mystical use of the bagua as a multi-dimensional tool for transformation
♥Soul journeying and reading oracles, signs and symbols for
spiritual assessment
♥Consciousness as transformational “medicine” and quantum shifting
♥Practical hands on exercises and field experience
♥How to give a “Shamanic Feng Shui Reading” in person and long distance
…and more!

Mariko, is a gifted feng shui consultant and a healer.

Founder of International School of Shamanic Feng Shui Mariko offers on-site and long distance consultations, courses and mentoring in sacred space clearing, feng shui, angel therapy and vegan living foods inspiration

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